Mu Zhao took a cup of tea, gave her a fixed look in his eyes, then shifted his eyes and said in a low voice, the empress mother said yes, naturally it\’s excellent.

The staff wrapped the stamps in paper and tied them up for her. Then they watched the people go away. \”Oh, what a loser.\” the man at the post office shook his head and soon went to other business. Li Siyu carried stamps into a nearby alley and put things into the space. Carrying all the way here, my hands are red, but it\’s really amazing to buy so many stamps. This is her future collection. It\’s all money. Keep one set in the future, and sell all the rest. Let alone Beidu one suite, both suites are OK! In other words, Beidu should have supporting houses. House prices in future generations have risen so fiercely that even if they are not sold, there is a real estate that is very powerful. Thinking so, Li Siyu instantly felt that this method was feasible. Unfortunately, there is still more than a year for people she doesn\’t know. It\’s the same to buy them later. After buying something casually, she went back to school. Because she didn\’t want to eat in the canteen at noon, she could only buy some cakes and take them back. So you have the perfect excuse, well, praise yourself! Returning to the dormitory, Li Siyu found that there were more people on Xiao AI\’s upper berth. She looked at the man spreading the quilt. She had some doubts in her eyes. It seemed that it was the girl she met on the road just now? When the little girl came down, Li Siyu was surprised to see her face. It was really her. \”I saw you at the gate of the post office just now!\” Li Siyu admired her agility and was a thin little girl like Xiao AI. The girl was stunned when she heard her words, then smiled and said, \”Hello, my name is Wen Yueshan, the new roommate.\” she generously stretched out her hand and smiled sweetly. Li Siyu naturally held out her hand and said, \”my name is Li Siyu. Nice to meet you.\” Wen Yueshan was stunned when she heard her name, and then said, \”you are Li Siyu!\” Li Siyu looked confused. What do you mean, has she become a celebrity?

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