How can this be done? Shen Zong refused for a while. Ling Er, you just entered the palace and can\’t say it the next day. What\’s more, if you want to enter the palace later, you should be familiar with the environment in the palace. And you see who will have the opportunity to enter the palace every day.

I think after coming this time, Xu Weinan will retreat and won\’t find herself again. Chapter 177 did you forget what happened last night? Xu Weinan had a splitting headache at this time. He reluctantly opened his eyes and saw a man sitting next to him. She had a dry sore throat and didn\’t open her mouth when she wanted to talk. He started and found a drop hanging from his head. Liu Chengxue heard the news and looked back. Sure enough, the man had woken up. \”Oh, you\’re awake.\” Xu Weinan swallowed hard, spitted, and then pointed to the tea cup on the table. She even bothers Liu Chengxue again. Now she needs her help. She can only ignore her sarcastic tone. Liu Chengxue reluctantly handed her the water, and then saw that she had finished drinking. He said, \”you\’re almost finished, so have a good rest.\” before Xu Weinan asked, the man ran away. She reluctantly put down her glass and remembered what happened last night. She should be ill. Now it\’s cold at night. She must have caught a cold. Liu Chengxue went out of Xu Weinan\’s dormitory, trotted all the way to the infirmary and asked people to pull out the needle, but he went back to work. Who wants to look at that annoying, it\’s better to go to work. Work makes me positive! Li Siyu saw that Liu Chengxue hurried to report to team leader Zhou, and then ran back to work. He knew that the man was awake. When Li Siyu went to the canteen at noon, he saw Xu Weinan drinking porridge alone in the corner. His face was pale and looked particularly haggard. \”What\’s for lunch?\” Peng lingman smiled and asked Li Siyu. Li Siyu looked back at the blackboard and said, \”eat steamed stuffed buns.\” \”I also eat steamed stuffed buns.\” Peng lingman saw that the steamed stuffed buns had meat and didn\’t have to order, so he came directly to five big steamed stuffed buns. Li Siyu has long been used to her appetite. It would surprise her if she ordered one like her. She ordered a steamed stuffed bun with sauerkraut meat and a stewed bean, so that she could eat more. Peng lingman didn\’t order. He ate stewed beans with Li Siyu. They just had enough to eat. Zhang Dawei looked at Xu Weinan, who was pale, drinking white porridge, turned his eyes and walked up to her.

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