Mu Zhao smelled the speech and didn\’t speak. He just drank a sip of tea and his eyes were dark.

\”You don\’t have back pain when you sit and talk!\” Ma Lingling is not afraid of her. \”You sit in the office and drink small tea every day. If you can do it, you can also go out and run!\” Xu Weihong is here all day. If she runs, she will cry for her father and mother in two and a half days. Xu Weihong naturally can\’t stand the pain. She also knows her ability. Therefore, she doesn\’t care about Ma Lingling\’s provocation at all. \”Hum, you don\’t have the ability to sit in the office by yourself, but you also talk about me.\” Ma Lingling was very angry with her. \”You! Well, you are very smooth now?\” Xu Weihong turned her eyes proudly. \”Someone is looking for Li Siyu.\” the doorman outside came, knocked on the door, and left. This man doesn\’t say whether he is male or female or what his name is. Li Siyu can only go out and have a look. \”Hey? Secretary Gao? Why are you here? I haven\’t seen you for a long time.\” Li Siyu looked at Gao Yuan, who was hot and sweating, and said hello with a smile. Gaoyuan breathed a sigh of relief and found a good man. \”I came to see you. I didn\’t meet you at the recent meeting. When I inquired, I knew that you had changed your job.\” Li Siyu knew that he had something to do when he wanted to stop talking. He said, \”let\’s go to the reception room. It\’s too hot here.\” Gaoyuan was sweating and his clothes on his back were wet. Listening to her, she naturally agreed, \”lead the way, it\’s hot.\” Li Siyu smiled and took him to the reception room. It\’s cool and ventilated inside, which is much better than outside. \”Secretary Gao came to me. Is there anything urgent?\” looking at his hurry, I knew it was something. Gao Yuan wiped his sweat and sighed: \”Secretary Li.\” \”hey? I\’m not a secretary now. Call me cadre Li.\” Li Siyu interrupted him and reminded him to call him. Gao Yuan nodded indifferently. \”Good cadre Li, my friends who bought grain recently came to me again and brought some people to buy it. It may take a thousand kilograms.\” while he was talking, he kept paying attention to Li Siyu\’s expression. When she heard a thousand kilograms of grain, she picked her eyebrows and couldn\’t make up her mind.

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