I\’ve found it. Please Mammy. Shen Ling was ashamed. After all, they followed because of her escape.

There is no letter of introduction. It\’s troublesome, but she\’s not in a hurry. It\’s a big deal to get into the alley in the middle of the night and sleep in the space. There are finished beds and bedding. It\’s a pity that the big bed in the space, even the solid wood bed, can\’t appear in this era, otherwise she can buy a second-hand bed. The solid wood bed in the space doesn\’t look like that yet, so it\’s a pity that it can\’t be taken out. He went to the stone on the roadside and sat down without further strolling. Li Siyu rubbed his sore legs and thought about where to go first. The factories here are all in the city, large and small factories, and the biggest ones are cigarette factories and wineries. There are still a lot of people in the city. A few people pass by from time to time and wear good clothes. But most people are still sallow and malnourished. And those The children of senior cadres wear smooth clothes one by one. They can\’t be said to be fat, but they are all in normal shape. It\’s really hungry. The rich are rich, and the gap between the rich and the poor is too big. Now it\’s just over three o\’clock in the afternoon, and she\’s not in a hurry. When she has had enough rest, she slowly finds an alley and takes out a bottle of glass bottled water from her bag to drink. Although there aren\’t many people on the road, she still needs to take cover Work should not be taken lightly. Chapter 56 Wang Tiesheng and Li Siyu know that it is right to be cautious, so they never dare to relax. Even in the factory, they should pay attention to the surrounding conditions when eating in the space. After dawdling until 4:30 p.m., Li Siyu went into the space, changed his clothes and painted a makeup. His eyebrows were thicker, pasted a big double eyelid and powdered his skin The bottom painting is black with a color number. These cosmetics in the space are small brands, and some are miscellaneous brands. After all, they are the main life supermarket, so they don\’t have so many big brands. However, Li Siyu doesn\’t care. Anyway, it\’s OK to take off her makeup for one day. Wrap her hair in a headscarf and show half of her face. It looks much different from herself. Originally, Li Siyu\’s appearance is small Home Jasper type has no characteristics except big eyes. Such a dress can\’t be found in the crowd.

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