Well, Cheng Xin was also surprised. Sister, how could such rumors come out in my palace? You must have made a mistake. After all, zhao\’er is my parent-child. however, a palace maid in green behind her flashed a trace of uneasiness in her eyes.

Wansen, who had a fight with the thunder elf, nodded deeply, and they set off again and went to the front. Roar! The Dragon roared and shook, and the dark Qi filled the air, and the violent Qi spread around. Under the roar of the dragon, a thunder elf standing in front was instantly shattered by the earthquake and dissipated into the power of lightning in front of him. Long Wushuang\’s body moved, and the golden dragon power around him also took back. A layer of shadow was covered on his face: \”it\’s thunder spirit. It\’s really troublesome to have this kind of thing here.\” Ao Hai protected Liao Xingwen. The three of them just found the entrance to the land of thunder clouds and entered it. But before long, he also encountered the attack of thunder elves. The body of the thunder spirit condensed by the power of pure attributes is extremely troublesome. The dragon is unparalleled. He doesn\’t hesitate to use his golden dragon power to kill reluctantly. Naturally, his face is not good-looking. This is just a thunder elf. Once the number increases, he will feel a chill just because the scene flashes in his mind. \”That\’s a good thing.\” Liao Xingwen said, \”as far as I know, Lei Qilin is in this place with strong thunder power. The presence of thunder elves here is enough to show how abundant and pure the thunder Qi here is. If Lei Qilin wants to rally his body and revive, this is also the best choice. We\’re not far from Lei Qilin!\” this is good news, Hearing Ao Hai and long\’s unparalleled ears, they also felt a surge of war. \”What are you waiting for? Find it quickly! We\’ll get Lei Qilin anyway!\” said long Wushuang. Boom. As soon as his voice fell, a huge thunder burst between the clouds in the distance, filled with thunder and the electric snake danced wildly. Long Wushuang\’s heart suddenly narrowed his eyes and saw there: \”what\’s going on there? What a powerful thunder wave!\” Liao Xingwen\’s eyes changed. For a long time, he hesitated. \”It seems that something has appeared!\” is it Lei Qilin? \”Ao Haidao. \”Anyway, go and have a look!\” long Wushuang said, moving and swishing out. Ao Hai and Liao Xingwen were unwilling to fall behind and followed.

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