She was born like a milk ball. At this time, she wrinkled her face, which was even more pitiful. Especially her skin was extremely delicate. In fact, the cat only pressed it gently, and there was a trace of red mark on her face. On her white and tender skin, there was a burst of Mi Li. I wish I could try it myself and add a few words.

As soon as Fang Yang\’s finger was hooked, the bead that burst out of the power of fire cloud turned back and fell on Fang Yang\’s palm. He looked strangely at the Yunshan mountain: \”the clouds are interesting.\” although Fang Yang didn\’t exert all his strength, the power of the five fire spirit beads to burst is also real. The martial arts in the Jialuo Dynasty are special and can\’t be divided according to the level of ordinary martial arts, but the Yunshan mountain is mostly a level where dragons and tigers meet. After eating his five fire spirit beads, he didn\’t suffer any obvious damage? Fang Yang\’s spirit was strong and could see clearly in front. When his five fire spirit beads burst, the clouds wrapped around the man suddenly coagulated and firmly protected his body, so as to avoid the damage of the five fire spirit beads on the front. Can you protect yourself automatically? When Fang Yang was surprised, the Yunshan mountain that crashed into the mountains struggled to flee out. At this time, he looked ferocious and said angrily: \”you\’re looking for death!! you dare to fight me!! you\’re finished! Dare to fight against our Yunhai department, I want none of you to get out of here!!\” hearing his words, Fang Yang\’s smile restrained. Previously, he really didn\’t pay attention to the cloud mountain. Even if the other party wanted to rob him, he was just having fun. But now the meaning is different. \”Are you threatening me?\” Fang Yang\’s eyes narrowed slightly. Liu situ also has a bad secret way. This guy really has a problem in his mind. He hasn\’t stopped at this time. He knows Fang Yang\’s temperament. Yunshan\’s words touch his inverse scale. Once Fang Yang gets angry, this guy must be finished. Considering that the other party is from Yunhai tribe, Liu situ doesn\’t want to make too stiff, so he wants to say something. But before he could speak, the cloud mountain was full of venom: \”you know now? It\’s too late! I\’ll kill the people around you one by one!\” Liu situ swallowed his words and immediately swallowed them back. It\’s over. This guy wants to die, but he can\’t stop it. Hum. The blade of the sword was blaring. The arrogance on the cloud mountain had not yet faded. Suddenly, a purple light flashed in front of him. The clouds around him immediately gathered themselves and completely protected themselves, trying to resist the penetration of the purple light. Just Fang Yang\’s purple broken, how can his clouds stop it. Hiss, blood splashes.

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