Shen Ling could only listen to him booing empress dowager Yang and talking about family life. She didn\’t see the cruelty in the original book. She was relieved for a moment. Xindao, as an emperor, I should manage everything every day. I think I will go back soon.

Several tricks were played, the light flowed, and the two people were wrapped in them in an instant. After a whirl, the space shifted. In the blink of an eye, there was a completely different place in front of Fang Yang. \”Is this the Dragon cutting club?\” his tone was a little surprised. As far as you can see, the first thing you see is an extremely magnificent and huge hall. At the end of the street, carved beams and painted buildings stand like a fairy Pavilion, and the word \”beheading the dragon\” is written on the plaque at the top. In front of the hall, there are streets all day. There are all kinds of shops on both sides of the street, selling everything. Martial artists come and go frequently, and there are at least hundreds of people here. Outside the whole area, there is a vast white light. With a slight sweep of the spirit, you can feel the breath of the Dharma array. It seems that this place has been completely covered by a huge Dharma array. This dragon cutting meeting is really a great skill. Fang Yang tut sighed. At first, he really thought it was a Rebel Alliance living in a remote corner, but at this time, it seemed like some aboveboard immortal sect and decent. \”Fang Yang, you\’re just about to join the club. You have to take you to the next hall leader first. You won\’t be recognized until you have an identity, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble.\” Li Ya said. For fear that Fang Yang would feel trouble, she pursed her red lips and looked nervously at him. Fang Yang lost his smile. He really felt troublesome. It didn\’t matter whether he joined the Dragon cutting meeting or not, but seeing Li Ya\’s look, he was soft hearted and agreed to come down: \”let\’s go.\” Li Ya happily pulled Fang Yang\’s sleeve and went towards it. Along the way, many people see here and say hello again and again. \”Captain Li Ya, where have you been?\” \”who is this boy? Captain Li Ya, you won\’t go out and bring back a mistress.\” \”pull the calf, look at the boy\’s sharp mouth and monkey\’s cheeks, how can you be worthy of Li Ya.\” \”Captain Li Ya, the yuan hall leader is very anxious these days when you disappear. Be careful to be scolded.\” \”No, hall leader yuan likes captain Li Ya as much as his daughter.\” The martial artists kept coming up to say hello and say a few funny words. It can be seen that Li Ya\’s popularity in the Dragon cutting meeting is very good. It\’s natural, not to mention anything else. Only her appearance and figure, many suitors are normal. Li bru impatiently dealt with their obstruction and excitedly dragged Fang Yang into the largest main hall. Because she was led by the leader of the team Therefore, the guards in front of the palace gate are not obstructed. When entering the main hall, you can see the magnificent atmosphere. The space in the main hall is huge. There should be several layers of space. As soon as you enter the door, you will be listed on the table. What kind of office should it be.

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