I\’ve seen my mother. Shen Ling saluted. I\’m afraid it\’s for today\’s business.

As soon as they came out, they wrapped their bodies, but also slightly restrained the attack on them. The killing king stood among the two Dharma faces. Even under the wrapping of the two Dharma faces, his virtual shadow of killing intention was still upright, much taller and thicker than the Dharma faces of Li mubai. The gap between strength was still quite obvious. \”Hush, hush, hush\” strange breathing sounds came from the quiet wasteland. The chest of the king murderer fluctuated, and every breath drove the mysterious Qi from heaven and earth towards his mouth and nose. Under such silence, it seems that there is a great storm. Once it breaks out, it will completely destroy this place! Meng Wudi and Li mubai looked at each other and didn\’t dare to give time to kill the king. They drank together and rushed directly. Overhead, wine gourd spilled, mellow. Li mubai took a deep breath and absorbed all the wine. However, it seemed to be wine on the surface, but it was actually the purest power of Xuanqi. When the Xuanqi entered the body, a white light appeared all over Li mubai\’s body. His eyes seemed to be closed and his feet were trivial. It seemed that there was no law to follow, but his body was misty and his speed was very fast, just like burning fire, As soon as the body disappeared and appeared, it was close to the king\’s death. Meng Wudi roared angrily. Behind him, general Jinjia waved his right arm, and the chariots and horses galloped up. He was obviously killed by one person, but his momentum was like thousands of troops and horses. One person carried the power of tens of thousands of people, and the horses trampled on the grassland everywhere. The strength of these two people is already in the top 20 of the Dragon list! If they are facing any of the eight evil spirits, even the most powerful great Asura must have the power to fight with the power that erupted at this time alone. But unfortunately, the two of them are facing Wang Tiesheng, the fifth in the Dragon list! When the two men hit each other with mysterious Qi and momentum. The slaying king with his head down suddenly looked up. Fang Yang only felt that a black ripple spread in an instant. On the quiet wasteland, there was a strong wind, the whistling strong wind rolled, and the wind and sand filled the air. The whole world was shrouded in a layer of black sand, and under such a scenery, the Three Dharma phases also bumped together. With the help of wine power, Li mubai hit the king with a powerful blow and killed the king. Mongolia invincible\’s one arm is like a knife. With one knife, thousands of virtual shadows behind him can be cut at the same time. They all cross into Mongolia invincible\’s black knife. This move is the joint effort of thousands of people. In the face of the attack from the left and right sides, Shawang also shot suddenly, his body was slightly heavy, and the left and right fist strength also resisted the two attacks. The virtual shadow of killing intention behind him was the same as his action, but between the fist strength, the cold killing intention was diffuse, and he tore the space without contact. Boom! On the plain, thunder resounded. Such a shock is like a mountain collapse. At the moment when the three people\’s dharmas come into contact, their Xuanqi is bombarded away with the most violent momentum.

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