She could not help sighing in her heart that the young lady was not only a legitimate daughter, but also so beautiful. She compared her stepwife\’s biological daughter Shen Xian. No wonder her wife regarded her as a thorn in the eye.

The forest sea is lush and lined with ancient trees. When he was outside the forest, Fang Yang quietly ran the Tianmu Shenguang formula. When he looked at it quietly, he could vaguely see that there was a place with the strongest Xuanqi between the forest sea in the distance. At first glance, it seems that there is boundless wood Qi, green and green everywhere. But if you look at it, you can vaguely feel a strange smell of blood between the green. \”It\’s really strange.\” Fang Yang\’s heart was alarmed and hesitated. He also used the art of wood evasion to get close with the help of evasion. Fortunately, he mastered this secret method and hid among the trees. Instead, he could hide his dark Qi by the trees and would not be easily found. After using the technique of wooden escape a few times, Fang Yang was also close to the place with strong wooden Qi, but he didn\’t dare to go too deep. He stopped at a distance of 300 steps. Then Fang Yang put a faint dark Qi on his eyes and ears and looked at it quietly. In such a place, he dare not use the spirit. If he rashly uses the spirit around the warrior with stronger spirit, he will only touch the other party in an instant and seek his own death. The dark air covers the eyes and greatly increases the sight. Fang Yang swept in front, his face slightly changed: \”it\’s really a river tree!\” through the trees, he had seen the familiar figure standing on one side of the trees. As like as two peas in the green robe, Jiang BIE is the same as before. He just seems to be upgrading rapidly. Behavior is mixed with the vague feeling of the world. Unity of heaven and man? Fang Yang was surprised. Did the other trees in the river reach the level of the unity of heaven and man? Once heaven and man are united, it is the strongest level in Tianyang, and can be regarded as the top person in the netherworld channel. Jiang bieshu rushed into more than 40 in a short time from more than 80 in the original dragon list. It seems that there are some mysteries. At this time, his mouth opened and closed, saying something. It seemed that there was another figure standing in front of him, but Fang Yang\’s eyes saw that several trees were blocked, which was difficult to see clearly for a moment. But Fang Yang could also vaguely feel that the object he was talking to was the source of the strangeness here. The smell of blood spread. Even after such a long distance, Fang Yang was uncomfortable all over. \”Who is it and where is Kui mountain?\” Fang Yang swept around, perhaps because the trees blocked him, and he didn\’t find the trace of Kui mountain. Already

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