Li Siyu didn\’t dare to ask, so he sat there to reduce his sense of existence.

Qiang! There was a serious roar. When Fang Yang reached the shadow of the sword, he suddenly felt his body sink. He only felt that the force of the mountain, which was more majestic than before, was pressing down on his face, and almost knocked him out. \”What a powerful force!\” Fang Yang\’s eyes were startled, his wrist trembled, and several swords came out. Between the nine turns, the nine swords were scattered and besieged, blowing Qi Qi on the rocks. I only heard the rumble and tremor of the mountain shadow, but I didn\’t even leave a crack. \”Hahaha, it\’s useless, it\’s useless! Your boy\’s attack has no effect. Now, it\’s time for you to die!\” Xiao Da\’s voice echoed from the mountain. Then he saw the mountain shake, and suddenly thousands of sword shadows burst out. The power of mountains and rocks on each sword shadow is not weaker than the previous one. So many swords are dense. Fang Yang has only nine palace sword in his hand. I\’m afraid he can\’t stop it! Seeing Wanning in the distance, they were overjoyed. \”Uncle Xiao, save his life for me to kill!!\” Wan Ning shouted happily. As long as the shadow of Xiao Da\’s mountain stone sword turns Fang Yang into half a stone man, he can\’t struggle at all. Won\’t he let himself be killed at that time? Nie Shuang was even more moved. He saw that Fang Yang was going to be killed by Xiao da. Once he killed him, there would be nothing wrong with the sword in the boy\’s hand. His eyes flashed and he made up his mind. The virtual shadow between Nie Shuang\’s eyebrows trembled, condensed his own spirit, and galloped away towards the other side. \”Xiao Da, I\’ll help you!\” he laughed. In fact, he kept staring at Fang Yang\’s Jiugong sword. Take the sword before Fang Yang dies! Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Fang Yang\’s nine palace sword was filled with a sword curtain, which was frequently resisted. When the shadow of the mountain stone sword hit the nine palace sword in Fang Yang\’s hand, the heavy power burst out, and he also stepped back frequently, looking like an irresistible exhaustion. Nie Shuang looked at him with joy. The spirit had rushed to Fang Yang\’s side. He drank fiercely and his eyes lit up: \”calm the soul!\” the spirit fluctuated, and the two beams of light were locked on Fang Yang\’s body. Fang Yang\’s body sank, and his spirit was limited by the other party. It was difficult to move for a while. In this moment, it was enough for countless sword shadows to be pasted. Whoosh. The shadow of the sword ran through Fang Yang and hit him heavily. At the place where the shadow of the sword penetrated, Fang Yang suddenly formed layers of stones and hit dozens of shadow of the sword. Most of Fang Yang\’s body has been infected by the stone sword.

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