Li Siyu pointed to the cabbage on the table and said, this is what I brought from my hometown. I\’ll add you a dish.

If Fang Yang says so, he can\’t finish his idea of seeking the position of Mingshan mansion master? Fang Yang\’s strength is revealed at this time. Don\’t say it\’s him. Even if the four forces unite together, he doesn\’t want to take advantage of Fang Yang. The change of his expression fell in Fang Yang\’s eyes, raised his eyebrows and asked \”I have something to ask you.\” \”you, you say.\” Li Mingjun didn\’t have the slightest resistance. \”Where is the old master of Mingshan mansion?\” Fang Yang looked at him with burning eyes. \”Mansion, mansion master\” Li Mingjun\’s expression was sluggish, his eyes flickered, and he didn\’t answer. Fang Yang\’s eyes narrowed: \”answer quickly, or I\’ll explore by myself.\” While talking, Fang Yang\’s spirit also flows slowly. If Li Mingjun is really dishonest in front of him, he doesn\’t mind using his spirit to directly rob his memory. \”I don\’t know\” for a moment, Li Mingjun seems to accept his life and shrugs his shoulders. \”Don\’t know? I heard that you went to the city master\’s residence a few days ago and had a secret talk with the old master for a long time, didn\’t you?\” Li Mingjun smiled bitterly: \”It\’s just a rumor that I deliberately ordered people to release. In fact, when I went to the city Lord\’s residence that day, I really wanted to see how the old master was doing. If he was in bad condition, it would be convenient for me to carry out later actions, suppress him by force and get the position of the master. But when I went there, I found that the old master who was in the city Lord\’s residence had disappeared, so I must not know Who will lead the leader first and want to act on his behalf in the name of the leader! Hum, so I\’ll just make a plan and let out the secret talk first. On the one hand, I\’ll take the lead and on the other hand, I\’ll see who caught the old leader! \” \”But seeing that half a month has passed, no one has taken action. Do they know that the identity of the old master is useless, so they don\’t take action to use the old master\’s chess piece?\” Li Mingjun wondered. Fang Yang\’s eyebrows wrinkled. The old master was not there? He looked carefully at Li Mingjun. He really didn\’t look like a liar. Was it really someone who took the old master secretly? Fang Yang thought for a while. If so, he still needed to explore one by one. Li Mingjun saw Fang Yangshen Thinking, he hurriedly said: \”Fang Da Shao, everything I said is true. If you don\’t believe it, you can go to the rest of the people to find the old leader. Although I have ambitions for the position of leader, I don\’t really mean to calm the riots. As long as I become the leader, with my thunder, I will suppress the chaos in Mingshan mansion and bring peace to Mingshan mansion. Although I can\’t compare with Lord Li Ru That\’s great, but it\’s definitely the first of the four candidates at present. Since you were entrusted by senior Li Ru, why don\’t you support me? \” His eyes were shining brightly when he spoke. If Fang Yang could really support him, it would not matter whether he really had Li Ru\’s mandate. It would be no problem to suppress the whole Mingshan mansion with his strength alone. It is natural to be the leader of his own mansion! \”Once I become the leader, I must follow your lead.\” Li Mingjun flattered him. Fang Yang woke up and looked at him with a smile: \”mountain leader Li, you have a good plan. But you look extravagant and indulgent. Do you think I will think you are a good choice for the head of the government. Moreover,\” his eyes narrowed suddenly and his feet stepped close to Li Mingjun. Li Mingjun was stunned, looked up in panic and was forced to the ground by Fang Yang: \”The mysterious Qi on you is the fighting strength of the Long Wei army of the Longyuan Dynasty. What\’s your origin?\”

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