Chapter 42 don\’t care about the details

There are still two days to go before the battle of the mansion, but today is the last day of the martial arts selection meeting in Zhenling mansion. The day before the opening of the mansion, Liu Qingshan will be responsible for preparing the people and distributing all kinds of useful things. Since today is the last chance to participate in the big house dispute, today\’s fighting is naturally the most intense time. Early in the morning, there was a fight on the high platform in front of the mansion master\’s residence. All the martial arts tried their best to compete for the place to participate in the battle of the mansion. Sun Manzi, Gou Sishui and Tang still watched from a distance, waiting for Xin Guihua to appear. Based on their understanding of Xin Guihua\’s strength, it\’s too simple to stand out among these people. As long as today is over, we can start preparing for the battle of the mansion tomorrow. We just don\’t know when Fang Yang will come. Suddenly, sun Manzi frowned and looked aside. Then, he saw that in a two-story Pavilion far away, Yin Hongyan looked at them with a sneer. He saw sun Manzi coming and going. He raised his eyebrows and cut down his neck, which was full of threat. \”Hum.\” sun Manzi snorted coldly and didn\’t bother to talk to him. At this time, the little four beside him shouted excitedly, \”brother Xin is coming out.\” sun Manzi quickly restrained his mind and looked at the high platform. Sure enough, he saw a pair of Yin soft and cold Xin ghost flowers slowly walking to the high platform. In fact, Xin Guihua\’s face is very beautiful, but the Yin and softness of his body is too strong, which adds a little cold to him. However, this kind of attitude is in the eyes of low people, and they feel that it has the style of an expert. Therefore, as soon as they came on stage, they attracted the attention of many people. \”This guy is very good at pretending.\” sun Manzi was annoyed that he was in the limelight and muttered. After Xin Guihua came to the stage, the fighting went very smoothly. Six people competed on the stage without many moves in Xin Guihua\’s hands. Even, we can\’t see how strong Xuanqi means Xin Guihua used. After following Duan Ling in Jianhe mansion for so long, Xin Guihua learned a lot of special means. For example, the method of swallowing Xuanqi and the technique of picking leaves and flying swords are generally used to fight in front, but they are more than enough for these ordinary martial artists. In particular, once they are attached to the plant controlled by Xin Guihua, they can multiply the power of all means! Xin Guihua passed the pass and killed the general all the way. In a moment, more than ten people had been defeated in his hands, and the low and high voice was also gradually loud. \”It seems that there is no problem.\” sun Manzi smiled. Xiao Si thought for a while, raised his face and smiled: \”you can win another game.\” \”showing your style in front of so many people is fun to think about. I knew I wouldn\’t be promoted directly before, so I\’d like to take part in it.\” sun Manzi read in pieces. In a few people relaxed, Xin Guihua\’s last opponent stepped onto the platform. As the man stepped onto the platform, the noisy surroundings suddenly quieted down, and his eyes looked at the man in horror. Sun Manzi also had a sudden heart. He vaguely felt that his scalp was numb. Suddenly he turned his head and looked at it with bright eyes. It is a not tall figure that is gradually stepping onto the high platform. Not only is it not tall, it is even a little short. Xinguihua is the height of a normal man, but when this person walks on the stage, he is at most in the chest of xinguihua. But it was such a short man. The breath from his body was like Shura, suffocating and palpitating. When sun Manzi looked at him, he could hardly see what the man\’s face was like. He could only see that there was a dark smell around him. The smell was like a fierce ghost howling and weighed heavily on everyone\’s heart. Even some people with low accomplishments and weak perceptual ability can feel the extremely terrible pressure from this man.

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