The man shook his head. I\’m the original secretary, Wang Guocheng.

\”Split the Huashan Mountain!\” Jiang Tianhua looked frightened and wanted to run the protective Gang to block it. But at this time, he was not ready for war. He shouted to Fang Yang in a panic: \”Fang Yang, Fang Yang, save me!\” Fang Yang turned a deaf ear. Pooh. With the light of the knife, the remaining protective Gang on Jiang Tianhua broke in an instant, and Liu Pengpo rushed up one after another. The knife directly cut Jiang Tianhua\’s back. The blood splashed from the knife, and Jiang Tianhua fell to the ground. \”Why don\’t you save me?\” he spat blood and struggled. Fang Yang responded indifferently: \”look at the people around you.\” Jiang Tianhua tilted his head with his last breath. As a result, he saw Shao Zirong lying in a pool of blood with a dead face, and his stunned eyes were staring at himself. Jiang Tianhua was frightened, his body trembled, and he died miserably. He also died in peace. \”Blame yourself.\” Fang Yang shook his head. Jiang Tianhua\’s death was entirely caused by himself. He couldn\’t get any sympathy. Seeing Jiang Tianhua\’s death, Liu Pengpo\’s three minds relaxed, but then he thought of the situation at this time, and his body tightened up again. \”Who the hell are you?\” Qiu Yuanwu asked. At this time, he didn\’t have the ruthlessness he had before. Fang Yang was too lazy to speak. The black light in his hand flashed and the black water sword emerged. \”Want to know? Then ask me about my sword!\” he stepped on the sword, waved the blade, rotated the sword Qi on the blade, and the dragon and snake roared. Dragon snake! When the sword came out, the black dragon and snake floated like another dragon in the desert, rolling the yellow sand between heaven and earth, and shouting to cover the three people. \”Sword, it\’s Fang Yang\’s sword! He\’s really Fang Yang!\” Qiu Yuanwu was shocked and turned to run. But before he ran out a few steps, the dragon and snake sword gas swept behind him and swallowed him in an instant. When the sword shadow passed, he didn\’t even scream. His blood and flesh were blurred and died miserably. \”Damn it! What about Fang Yang? I\’m not at the mercy of others!\” Liu Peng broke his courage, held his guide in both hands, and waved vigorously, \”cut the five mountains!\” it was like five mountains gathered on his sword awn. With a knife, the five mountains collapsed. Boom!

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