Don\’t mention cadre Liu. Zhang Quanfa vowed to solve it in two days. Who knows that people will become like that the next day. Hao Jianhong was a little afraid.

At this time, the volcano erupted more and more violently. There were many wood waves and burning on the edge of the mountain forest next to them. So Song Wan didn\’t dare to stay. As soon as he turned around, he hurried away to the distance. Fang Yang and Fang Yang were smashed by the animals, flew out, flew a hundred feet, and landed on a red volcano. Sun Manzi looked pale and said, \”it\’s over!\” The fire slurry spewed up above the head, and all eyes were red. Even if they were fast, they could not escape from the volcanic community. It\’s hateful that Song Wan\’s means were so vicious! In this continuous fire slurry, unless the martial arts in the early sun can survive, whoever was buried by the fire slurry will burn himself up in an instant. They are going to die here? Endless The fire slurry covered the sky and poured down from the sky. Fang Yang\’s eyes were frightened. His mind turned and he was desperately thinking about the chance of survival. Sun Manzi was completely stunned. He couldn\’t escape here if he had all kinds of means. Suddenly, Fang Yang\’s eyes brightened: \”yes!\” There was a flash of light on his storage ring, and a big tripod stove sprang out. As soon as the tripod stove came out, it radiated a heavy chill. The whole tripod stove was blue and contained white fog. This thing was obtained from the first floor of the frost Pavilion in the mysterious world! This tripod stove is not simple, not only its material is good, but also a cluster of cold fire! The cold fire is Yin to cold, if it is released On weekdays, Fang Yang didn\’t dare to touch it before he got to the empty and dark realm, but now it\’s different. He grabbed sun Manzi\’s shoulder and roared, \”run Xuanqi to protect his body!\” Sun Manzi was stunned and subconsciously turned out the limitless God of war armour. Then Fang Yang took his body and the tripod furnace opened, and they jumped in together. At the same time, endless fire slurry fell like a wave, roaring and completely covered the tripod furnace. Chapter 236 refining cold fire slurry wrapped the tripod furnace like a billow river. There was no space in the tripod furnace It\’s not a problem to accommodate them. However, due to the circulation of cold air, it\’s not possible to stay in them casually. After Fang Yang and sun Manzi entered them, they ran Xuanqi one after another to protect themselves.

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