What are you doing?

The sword star of the third move is to urge multiple sword blades to move together. Only when you know all kinds of sword ideas can you use this move. Fang Yang was also wrong. He walked around the lake of sword. After experiencing all kinds of sword meanings, he could really practice this move. When a sword is released, the blade will turn into a star. The power of endless star awn fusion is incomparable. When you are not proficient, it is the limit to urge more than ten blades in one breath. The higher Fang Yang\’s cultivation, the more blades in his hand. At that time, the power of tens of millions of sword stars can be derived, which is unmatched! \”We should collect more xuanbing blades in the future,\” Fang Yang said silently. He stood up, and they were now in the main palace. Fang Yang\’s eyes swept through the palace and shocked. The palace is magnificent enough to accommodate 100000 people, and the top floor is more than ten feet high. The most strange thing is the ground under your feet. In addition to the square inches under Fang Yang\’s feet, it is clear that there is a huge river flowing in front of Fang Yang. The river is calm, and the flow is brilliant. It is clear that it is not ordinary drinking water, but sword light flowing one after another. The whole hall was built on the river. In the middle of the river, there is a standing place piled with gold and jade. In the middle, there is a standing sword sculpture, surrounded by five statues of martial artists holding sharp swords. \”Is this Jianhe palace? The core of Jianhe mansion?\” Fang Yang was surprised. He stared at the big sword sculpture in the center. There were several vacant places on the sculpture platform, which should be the place where five xuanjing crystals could be put down. \”Just go in and out\” at this time, a cold hum sounded. \”You boy finally woke up. I thought you died in the side hall. It\’s a pity.\” Fang Yang turned his head and suddenly found that there were several people in the Jianhe hall except him and Meng Qianxue. It was the poison old man who fled in the frost Pavilion who sneered at him earlier. Poison old man was on the west side of the big sword sculpture. He probably didn\’t know which hall he came from. There were two other acquaintances beside him. Zhu Shuang, and the beautiful snake.

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