Li Jian, who is called Secretary Li, is the Secretary of the director of the food factory. He smiled and nodded, yes, I can\’t forget you. Don\’t worry, this weekend.

Doctors don\’t have to be strong to kill. They have a variety of means. The most common is poisoning. Even if the cultivation of senior death Pavilion doctors is not high, they can poison invisible, colorless and missing. They can kill martial artists in the empty and dark world without being aware of ghosts. Xiao Lin\’s identity is the son of Xiao Changsheng, the deputy leader of Shengge. \”Xiao Lin himself is also the highest cultivation achievement in the concentration realm, so it\’s difficult to kill him. Because poison is certainly ineffective to him. There may be people in the death Pavilion around him to guard against poison attacks. He can only kill him by force.\” Wu fan\’s expression is gloomy. \”I don\’t have this ability. It\’s difficult for me to get close to him, so I can only rely on you!\” \”Fang Yang, I\’ve known your medical skills. Even if you compare with the ninth grade doctors, you\’re not afraid of the toxin of the death Pavilion. Although your cultivation is a little lower, you must have more than this strength.\” Fang Yang frowned as he listened. It seems that Xiao Lin is really a bit tricky. No wonder even the famous leader of Lianyun eighteen gold on the dragon and snake list can\’t do anything about him. \”Won\’t you help me?\” Wu fan looked at Fang Yang nervously. He also knew that this matter was important and was afraid that Fang Yang would shrink back. Fang Yang sniffed: \”What do you think of Fang Yang as? Since I said it, I will certainly do it. Don\’t say it\’s Xiao Lin, I\’m not afraid of even the heavenly king Lao Tzu!\” \”that\’s great!\” Wu fan cheered. \”Xiao Lin won\’t always be in the life and death Pavilion? Do you want to kill him in the life and death pavilion?\” Fang Yang asked. Wu fan shook his head: \”Of course not. There are troops stationed in the life and death Pavilion, and there are many experts in the pavilion. Among other things, there are still more than a dozen martial artists at the level of the empty and dark realm. We certainly can\’t rush up. I\’ve inquired about it these days. Xiao Lin happened to be out of the life and death Pavilion recently!\” \”The life and death Pavilion controls 80% of the doctors of the Longyuan Dynasty. Of course, they are not all in the pavilion. There are branches in all the big houses of the Longyuan Dynasty. Xiao Lin happens to come to Hunyuan mansion these days. If my news is correct, he will participate in an activity in Fenghai County, 3000 miles away from Huoyu county.\” Fang Yang nodded, \”OK, we\’ll go to Fenghai County tomorrow.\” Fang Yang is a man who does what he says. Since he has promised Wu fan, he must do it. Besides, Wu fan is kind to himself. Not to mention that he went to Huoyu county to save himself last time, Fang Yang can\’t forget the Huoyu county that accompanied him this time. Since it\’s decided, Fang Yang won\’t hesitate and solve it early. Tang is still worried: \”Xiao Lin has a good reputation. It\’s a big risk to kill him. He may even be wanted by the Longyuan Dynasty.\” Fang Yang shrugged with a smile: \”do you think we\’re not wanted now? I\’m afraid we\’ve long been famous on the dragon and snake list. Ling Chen can\’t let us go this time, so we\’ll meet many chases later.\” \”this\” Tang still looks pale. Some time ago, she experienced the feeling of being chased and killed. It seemed that someone choked his neck and had no leisure for a moment. It\’s hard to forget. \”Don\’t worry, if they don\’t provoke me, they won\’t want to go back!\” Fang Yang\’s voice is domineering, his eyes are flying, and he is full of confidence. The reward of the dragon and snake list has no burden on Fang Yang, and he is even eager to try. In his heart, this is another kind of recognition. \”I just don\’t know how much my reward can reach. I\’m not happy if it\’s too low,\” Fang Yang murmured.

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