Brother Wang, it\’s not my sister who is polite to you. My family has mailed everything. I don\’t need anything. I\’ll live here.

\”That\’s enough!\” looking at the crowd like this, the old man was a little anxious. A roar came out of his throat, and a momentum at the peak of Lingwu territory suddenly leaked out. Feeling the old man\’s strong momentum, the disciples were quiet again. Looking at this, the old man shook his head, sighed, then closed his eyes, shook his hand and pointed, \”just you, the first.\” \”Ha ha ha!\” the old man pointed to a young man. When he felt the old man pointing at himself, he immediately burst out a laugh. \”Ha ha ha, little fat sheep, I\’m coming!\” he walked out of the crowd slowly. The young man laughed and walked directly towards the old man. \”How many Lingyang points do you bet? You challenge him. You can bet more, but not less than 500.\” The old man said faintly. \”Hahaha, I\’m all pressed!\” the young man laughed and immediately injected 1700 spirit Yang points into the old man\’s crystal stone. \”Shit, he\’s really lucky.\” \”yes, ah, I\’m so depressed. Such a little fat sheep will be given to him for nothing.\” Everyone can see that this young man has seven cultivation accomplishments in Zhenwu realm. He can completely abuse that person in Zhenwu realm. Basically, they have no drama. \”Hahaha, brothers, I\’ll kill the fat sheep.\” With a laugh, the young man turned his head and threw a demonstration smile at the disciples in the crowd. Then he walked into the hall with a proud face. \”Hey, it\’s a pity to be scattered.\” \”I hope to meet such a stupid fat sheep next time.\” there were sighs again and again in the crowd, and everyone was depressed. \”Don\’t go yet! Continue to sign up. No matter what, the rules can\’t be broken. As long as there is a challenger in the hall, you must sign up once you step into the yellow line under your feet.\” just when the public was a little depressed and ready to leave, the old man suddenly said. Hearing the speech, the people turned around and looked sad: \”old Huang, don\’t you need it?\” \”The rules of the Shangyang palace can\’t be broken. Come on, sign up!\” the old man said with a faint look at the crowd. \”What a fucking bad luck!\” \”I didn\’t come back long ago.\”

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