One afternoon, Hao Jianhong did not assign work to Li Siyu.

At this time, Zhang Xiaolin didn\’t know when to turn her head and stared at the black chain on Wen Quan\’s back. She knew the black chain. She also killed demon Xiu and knew and understood the shape and smell of the black chain. At present, how could that thing appear on Wen Quan\’s back? She doesn\’t want to think deeply, but her thinking is not controlled by her. Is it impossible? How could Wen Quan? At this time, Li Zhiyu also sealed Wen Quan\’s whole body meridians and woke him up. Looking at Wen Quan\’s confused eyes when he woke up, Li Zhiyu asked sadly, \”Wen Quan, tell me why?\” \”Master, what? Why?\” Wen Quan just woke up. He didn\’t understand what was going on, and he didn\’t expect why master asked. However, he felt something wrong with himself. He found that he was wearing his upper body next to master and two elder martial sisters. There was a trace of blush and shame on his face. He wanted to pull on his clothes, but he couldn\’t move all over. He felt something wrong. The master\’s tone was wrong, the disappointment and sadness in the elder martial sister\’s eyes, and the curiosity and doubt in the younger martial sister\’s eyes. Why did they do this, but he realized something in less than a second. But I still don\’t want to believe that they will really find it. Think about their upper body and back. I think they found it. But how do they know about themselves. How can you think of finding the truth in this way? No matter how his mood fluctuated, Li Zhiyu over there then asked, \”I ask you, Wen Quan, if you still think I\’m a master, answer me, what\’s the matter, why do you do this?\” \”Master, I –\” Wen Quan stopped talking. He looks very ashamed. \”Answer me -\” Li Zhiyu shouted again. The voice was majestic and heavy. \”Master, don\’t worry, let the fourth elder martial brother speak slowly,\” said Jane Xi softly. She saw the struggle and shame in Wen Quan\’s eyes and thought that the fourth senior brother might still be saved. Li Zhiyu took several deep breaths, and his spiritual power worked for a week to clear his brain. Don\’t let those disappointments, sadness and anger occupy your mind and calm down. He said slowly: \”Wen Quan, you\’ve always been a disciple I value very much. Although you don\’t talk much on weekdays, you\’re the one who makes me feel at ease. What happened during this trip to practice, which made you become a demon monk? Tell me, why? Why did you give up your persistence for more than 100 years? Why did you kill people? Kill innocent people? I\’ll wait for you to explain it to me slowly I listen. With that, Li Zhiyu slowly closed his eyes. Zhang Xiaolin\’s eyes at Wen Quan are extremely complicated. She lowers her head. She doesn\’t know how to face him. Looking at Zhang Xiaolin\’s appearance, Wen Quan\’s eyes are much softer. He also sees the little junior sister who has always been very calm and indifferent. He doesn\’t care about this little junior sister and never takes it to heart. Even if she is amazing and gorgeous, even if she is gorgeous, he can\’t help him He never looked at her more. Only Zhang Xiaolin, a woman, would be in his heart, but this time, he disappointed her. At the thought of this, his eyes also darkened. He raised his head and looked at the master again. His eyes were wet. The master who had taught himself for a hundred years is now extremely disappointed with himself. It has been more than 120 years since he was rescued from those robbers by the master when he was a teenager and helped him bury his parents. Master taught him to practice, teach him the truth of being a man, teach him to respect and love his senior brothers and sisters, and save himself from the extremely dangerous situation several times. He even saw that he was interested in the third senior Sister Zhang Xiaolin, and wanted to make himself a double partner with Zhang Xiaolin. He thought that after the big competition in the door this time, he would complete the big marriage for himself and her. Master has regarded himself as a child, but what about himself? Although, after all, I took the master\’s pains. Finally, two lines of tears fell from his eyes. Wen Quan said in a trembling voice, \”master, I\’m sorry for you.\” after saying that, he lowered his head and let the tears drop to the ground and seep into the soil. Li Zhiyu didn\’t speak or open his eyes, but Jian Xi felt from the green veins in front of his forehead that the master was not calm. \”Shifu, when I went out to practice this time, I met the disciples of emperor Shitian and Haoyi in a dangerous place. I met them ten years ago. I had a good impression of them at that time. Therefore, I felt very friendly when I met them again. I didn\’t take much precautions during the process of practice. Only one of them attacked me when I was in danger , I was seriously injured and planted a demon seed on me. I couldn\’t resist to control me. Otherwise, my soul would be tempered into their black chain and not be reborn. After weighing the two sides, I chose to compromise and also cultivate the magic skill. They took me to slaughter mortal cities, then left half to refine into their own black chain and turned over the remaining half, And I must do the same. Otherwise, if I don\’t add a new soul to the black chain for a period of time, I will be eaten back. Life is better than death. I can\’t escape the fate of ordinary people. Master, I\’m wrong. I shouldn\’t compromise with those demons. I\’m not firm enough in practicing one of the Tao. Please allow me to kill myself and don\’t harm the world, \”Wen Quan said, He raised his head and looked at Li Zhiyu. Tears had blurred his eyes, but the determination in his eyes made Jane Xi nod secretly. She has no feelings for this fourth senior brother, which is no different from passer-by a, but her master is obviously different. It can be seen that Li Zhiyu has really deep feelings for him, and Wen Quan doesn\’t look like a fake.

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