You have a rest. Your sister will go home from work in the afternoon.

Xi\’er, don\’t worry about that, said Jane Nan. \”Xi\’er, mom will never say a word,\” Jane Xinyan also said. \”Jian Xi, me too. If you don\’t agree, I won\’t even say it to my grandparents.\” Xin Yu also knows that it\’s powerful. \”I won\’t say\” Mo Yun\’s words are concise and comprehensive. \”Sister Xi\’er, I\’m glad you can trust me like this. I\’ve always regarded you as a sister and a close sister. I\’ll forget it when I get out of here. I swear in Shanshan here that after I go out from here, if I don\’t have Jianxi\’s consent, I can\’t reveal a trace of everything that happened here. If I violate this statement, I will be destroyed by thunder and robbery in Shanshan day. \”Yu Shanshan\’s language is still the same direct and straightforward, and my oath takes effect immediately. Strange runes appear out of thin air and fly to her forehead and disappear in an instant, Its sincerity is to let people believe it. After all, at this time, the Tao of heaven has been watching her. If she breaks her oath, she will die without a whole body. The monk\’s oath is not made at will like ordinary people on earth. For this, Jane Xi has been on this planet for several years. How can she know? However, she did not expect that Yu Shanshan would make such a heavy oath. She had said this before. She was worried about Yu Shanshan. Mo Yun made Jian Xi believe for no reason, while others were his relatives. Shao Yanyong was still in a deep coma. He should have woken up long ago, but Jian Xi deliberately made him comatose for a longer time, So some of the pills given to him let him have a good sleep. Anyway, more rest is good for his injury. Chapter 523 what does it mean to send children? Ask for all kinds of tickets, recommendations and kisses. You are speechless with all kinds of tickets this week ************************************* \”Well, let\’s leave now. There are no other people in the whole maze. After going out, no one will doubt us, because everyone goes out almost the same time, and the place we send out is far away from them, which will make people automatically ignore us.\” Jian Xi greets the people, and Xin Yu carries Shao Yanyong on his back, Everyone left here in the transmission array. Jian Xi was the last one to go to the transmission array. Before uploading the transmission array, she began to meditate on the Dharma formula, and a light lit up on her forehead. Everyone looked at her strangely, but no one asked. When the transmission array began to transmit, the whole area where the maze was immediately foggy, Then came the rumbling sound, which disappeared as abruptly as it began to appear. And the monks who were sent out were all suspicious. If there were people around, they looked at each other in surprise, and then subconsciously opened the distance between each other. They thought that the labyrinth just disappeared again as it appeared. Those who got the treasure were secretly glad in their hearts, and those who didn\’t get it were filled with resentment. It\’s better for a single person to be transmitted. At least for the time being, he is safe, but the monks who were transmitted together are not calm at this time, because they don\’t know whether the other party has obtained treasures in the maze. Then, greedy monks began to rob after considering their own strength difference. When the maze has not completely disappeared. Chaos began to appear outside the maze. From time to time, there was a sound of fighting everywhere, and the monsters were retreating quietly. No one would notice this. As silent as they came, they walked without disturbing anyone. Jane regretted that they didn\’t return to Philadelphia immediately. Instead, I found a relatively sparsely populated area and stayed for a night. Moyun left after seeing that they had determined the accommodation, but came back after dark. After the fog on the maze position dispersed, all the hostile friends and the monks who came later found that the original maze had disappeared, and it was restored to its former appearance, even the vegetation had not changed. It seems that the maze has never appeared. What they don\’t know is that the maze itself is a magic weapon of space. It can appear here, and it doesn\’t occupy a large area, but the universe in it is amazing. In fact, the entrances you see are only the nodes for you to enter. The maze appears here, but it doesn\’t move every plant here. And the underground in the maze. The Dragon Spirit veins collected by Jane Xi are all original in the maze, not under the maze. It turned out that it was in this own land, otherwise it couldn\’t wait for the arrival of the maze. The Dragon Spirit pulse had been found long ago.

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