When we reach the age of success, our family should be separated. It\’s still a year or two, and we\’re not in a hurry.

In this way, the meeting continued. Gradually, the plan has taken shape. The most important thing is to build Kunyuan garden, which can accommodate about 100 million people. It can not destroy most of the original natural resources of Kunyuan garden. At the same time, it began to collect all kinds of animal and plant resources in the world. Kunyuan garden already has rich resources, but it is not all on the earth It is also important to keep these as much as possible. When the meeting ended, it was already the early morning of the next day. Everyone was a highly cultivated monk. Staying awake all night had no impact on them, but the content of the meeting was earth shaking. They decided the fate of the whole China and the life or death of countless people. Jane Xi often thought that 80% of the people would die in this catastrophe. When she was sad, she also felt helpless. They all said that man will conquer heaven, but when the real disaster came, there was nothing she could do? When everyone left, they kept their minds, that is, they were happy and worried, and their faces were complex. Then everyone left one after another, and a team of people also found the place where Yu Huatian was. These people were the children of the seven factions killed by Jian Xi. Yuhuatian didn\’t hide the facts and couldn\’t hide them. When these people learned that all the leaders and elders of the seven sects who brought them were killed, they left Daiyu gate with calm faces. Yuhuatian didn\’t stop them, but Jianxi left with the people of Baiming sect. She didn\’t tell Yu Huatian and Yu Muyang. She just left quietly after returning to her residence. Her current cultivation is very easy if she wants to leave unconsciously. However, in order to be afraid of their worry, she only left a note indicating that she won\’t let them worry. If she goes out to do something, she will come back. After arriving at the Baiming sect, Jane was angry. She couldn\’t help being angry. Her divine knowledge can cover the whole Baiming sect. There is full of Yin Qi. A large number of bones have been discarded in a valley with white bones. Everyone in the sect is gloomy. Many disciples are either humiliating women or practicing martial arts with living people. The youngest is a baby less than a hundred days old, This made Jane feel angry and hate. Shenzhi found the deep place of the sect, where the breath was very strong. Jian Xi knew that it must be the place where the sect experts gathered and sneaked in. Although the array in the sect was powerful in her opinion, it was not complex. Therefore, she found the place where these experts were without much effort. After that, in silence, these so-called sect masters, the supreme elders and elders with a full foundation period, all had no interest in Jian Xi\’s sneak attack. Jian Xi, who had stabilized the realm, was much stronger than when she had just finished Dan the day before. In addition, she was a sneak attack, so she didn\’t miss anything, More than ten experts in the same realm lost their evil lives. After that, Jianxi began her massacre. During the foundation building period, the most successful experts were not her enemies, let alone others. An hour later, Jianxi stood on the top of the highest mountain of Baiming sect and looked around. Except for dozens of ordinary people captured by them, no one lived or escaped from her massacre. The dozens of people, Jane Xi gathered them in a separate courtyard, left the food and other living materials she collected in Baiming sect in the courtyard, and then set fire to the whole Baiming sect, including the valley full of bones. Jian Xi\’s fire is not an ordinary spiritual fire, but a chaotic fire. Although it still stays in the stage of fire, its characteristics of turning everything into nothingness are unmatched. These dead objects that can\’t resist can\’t stop its burning without any spiritual buildings and corpses. In only half a minute or so, except for the not too small courtyard with dozens of people, the whole door of Baiming sect disappeared, including every plant and tree. The whole place of the original mountain gate was bare. After Jane Xi left, those ordinary people carefully went out of the courtyard and looked at the incredible scene in front of them with wide eyes. The great Baiming sect was gone, and there was not even a dust left. Next, Jian Xi rushed to the ten thousand ghosts sect, which is closest to the Baiming sect, and then the blood knife sect. Like the Baiming sect and the blood knife sect, the ten thousand ghosts sect is a sect of evil sects, which is similar to the Baiming sect. They all practice martial arts with living people, but in different ways. Chapter 276 extermination I really want to go home and stay at home. I don\’t have to go to work, be exploited by capitalists, test professional titles, and do jobs I don\’t like at all. Give youyou some motivation Therefore, in the morning, the two sects, like the Baiming sect, left only some ordinary abducted ordinary people, and the whole sect door disappeared. Jane Xi showed no mercy at all. She believes that it is also a disaster to keep these people. After she went to several other sects where she killed the leader, she observed that she also hated Baidu sect. They were no better than Sanxie sect, but their superficial Kung Fu was excellent and did not leave any handle in front of outsiders. However, under Jian Xi\’s powerful divine consciousness, he found an underground base for their sect to cultivate poisonous people. The base went deep into the ground for about 100 meters. It was very hidden, but nothing could be seen on the ground. Maybe this is also the reason why they were not attributed to the three evil families.

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