Three toothbrushes, two bottles of Baijiu. What size is the remaining rubber shoes? she looked up at Li Siyu opposite.

The parents of this family are Fang Longjing, our current founder of the Fang family. He is also a legend and a man of great ability. When the Fang family left, all the methods they practiced were taken away, but the martial arts in the secular world were abandoned as bad deeds. They disdained these martial arts, so they didn\’t take them away. These became the biggest details of the establishment of the family Since then, the family has grown day by day. Until more than 1000 years ago, it has become the top existence of the four families. Until hundreds of years ago, the Fang family gradually declined due to the inaction of one generation of family owners and the wrong direction, and then retreated to the end of the four families. Although our generation tried hard to regain its style, but It\’s just that some of our old friends are determined but powerless. Among us, I am the only one who has achieved congenital great perfection, and there is not much longevity. It is estimated that I will live for another 20 or 30 years. However, as far as I know, there are three experts of congenital great perfection in Tianjia. One of them is only about 60 years old, but I don\’t know how much better than us. I don\’t know how they are To this extent, but I think it is also inseparable from their continuous snatching of some heaven and earth strange treasures from the secular and small and medium-sized families over the years. Our Fang family now has no treasures that can make people quickly improve their cultivation, so we can only rely on various hard cultivation. Since ancient times, our Fang family has not been the kind of family that extorts and plunders, and will not go around by any means It\’s fair that we can\’t catch up with them. It\’s not that we are inferior to them, but that our Fang family is not greedy enough. Since our Fang family became the first of the four families in those years, the Tianjia family has been very difficult to deal with us and targeted the Fang family everywhere. At that time, the Fang family didn\’t care too much because it was just a small fight on the periphery and didn\’t really tear its face. Moreover, the strength of the Fang family at that time would not be afraid of them, so it has been getting along with them face to face and heart. However, since the current owner of the Tian family, that is, Tian Honglie, the father of Tian Guangxing who had an engagement with your grandmother, took over the post of head of the family, the Tian family has become more and more reckless. According to the information, he actually plans to annex the Fang family. Who makes the Fang family the weakest of the four families? The Heirloom treasure of your grandmother\’s family became the trigger for their annexation, which intensified this matter. Your grandmother was able to live outside with your mother and you safely for so many years, thanks to Tian Honglie\’s failure to succeed the owner. Just three years ago, after Tian Honglie succeeded the owner, he increased the search for the treasure, You and your little friend killed the two Jia boys in Myanmar, Yunnan Province and took the treasure they had been looking for for for a long time. At first, they were not sure who did it until the Jia family found your head and learned your force value, they basically determined that nine out of ten the treasure fell into your hands. After learning the news, the Fang family protected your family and your child, but it hasn\’t played a great role up to now. But I don\’t know where the heavenly family knew that the treasure was a couple, nor where they knew that one of them was just a family heirloom of your great grandmother, let alone where they got the news that Hongyuan had given the treasure to your grandmother Ruoyu. At that time, only our old guys and your great grandfather knew about Hongyuan giving the treasure to your grandmother, We don\’t know what went wrong. I\’m sure none of us would tell about it, but later we gradually found that Tianjia wasn\’t sure that the thing was in your grandmother\’s hands. When he didn\’t succeed to the throne, he had sent someone to monitor your grandmother for many years, but he didn\’t get anything, which proved that they didn\’t know whether the thing was really in your grandmother\’s hands, In those years, because of the engagement between your grandmother and tianguangxing, I had an agreement with the Tianjia family. I must not harass your grandmother in secular life, otherwise the Fang family will withdraw its commitment and take back your grandmother, and I don\’t mind giving the Fang family the strength to find justice for your grandmother. At that time, I had seen some ambitions of the Tianjia family, and if they dared to touch your grandmother, it would also prove that they would have no scruples about the Fangjia family, because they all knew that the Fangjia family was always young girls, and Ruoyu was a little princess loved by the whole family. They broke off their relationship with Ruoyu just because of this, We old guys have been blamed by the people, but when the strength of the Fang family is not as good as now, we have to bear the pain to make such a decision. As long as Ruoyu can live happily forever outside, we will have nothing. Since Tianjia knows that the Fang family values Ruoyu so much, if we want to move her again, we can be sure that it is time for the Fang family to really face Tianjia. Chapter 168 a man of immortality Someone in the Fang family has been secretly watching your family. When you and your grandparents went to the countryside, the person in charge of secret protection was a little far away because Xi\’er was too sensitive. When the two attacked, it was too late for the person protecting you to rush over. At that time, thanks to Xi\’er you, otherwise we would not see Ruoyu. The protector was later imprisoned by the family as a punishment. You know, if you didn\’t cherish your son, the consequences would be unimaginable. \” Fang Qingkun said so many words that he couldn\’t help being thirsty. He picked up the tea bowl and drank a breath of fragrant tea. Jane Xi recalled that when she was in the countryside with her grandparents at that time, although her divine sense was still so far away, she always looked around suspiciously and felt that someone was watching them. However, after she noticed the two people in the heavenly family, she directly thought that the people watching were the two of them, and didn\’t think there would be a third person. The Fang family was undoubtedly more alert. He was aware of her reaction and didn\’t dare to follow too close, which led to the situation that the rescue was not enough. No wonder others. In the final analysis, he made others locked up. \”Because the heavenly family who followed you disappeared, the heavenly family naturally thought that first, their tracking was found by you, and second, after they found the treasure, they were found dead, which attracted the great attention of the heavenly family. Because the Fang family knew about it because of the report of secretly protecting you, after confirming that the heavenly family still wanted to do it to you, we sent them People found Tianjia and took out the agreement at that time. If they dared to move your family, the Fang family would never die with them. Tianjia was probably hesitant at that time, but had been watching instead of doing it. It has been deadlocked until now. \”These are not what Fang Qingkun said, but Fang Hong\’s foresight. Fang Qingkun said he was tired, and then added. \”We only told your grandmother a part of this matter, but we didn\’t tell her all. We were afraid that she would think too much. Today, when you talk about it, there are other reasons,\” Fang Qingshan said. Fang Qinghai and Fang Qinglian did not make a sound and sat there quietly listening. \”There are several things that have always puzzled us. The first is that we don\’t know where you learned your skills. When you were a freshman in junior high school, you jumped out of a building willfully. It\’s like growing up overnight. I think the change began then? Of course, we don\’t want you to tell us your * * but just curious. You don\’t need this Of course, you want to say that we old guys will be all ears, \”Fang Qingkun coughed, put down his tea cup and said. \”Second, where did the two Jia boys and more than 20 of their men go when they were in Myanmar? And the villagers they slaughtered? The reason why no one doubted you at first was because there was no evidence at all. When you and your classmate went to Yunnan, the Fang family didn\’t send someone to protect them, so they didn\’t know what happened. They were investigated later Come on, this has always been something that we old guys can\’t understand. \”Fang Qingkun looked at Jane Xi with meaningful eyes. \”Third, the two people of Tianjia who were killed by you. When the people who protected you arrived, they mainly focused on your grandparents, so they didn\’t pay much attention to your trend. They only knew that you killed them soon, but afterwards he wanted to clean up the scene to save some accidents, but he didn\’t find anything except some broken branches and leaves We were also very curious about how you handled the scene and how it was so clean? \”Fang Qingkun said the third question again. Seeing that Jian Xi was very calm and didn\’t answer or express anything else, he continued. \”Fourth, the people in charge of protecting you suddenly disappeared when they saw the people of Tianjia coming to the wall of your villa, and there was no trace at all. They really thought it was a ghost and reported to us with deep disbelief.\” Fang Qingkun didn\’t know, because the people of Fang family only protected secretly and didn\’t get close to Fang\’s villa, So I don\’t know the power of villa array. \”Fifth, the mountain protection array, which can not be arranged by an ancient martial artist at all. In those years, even the old ancestor didn\’t have this ability. Our mechanism information was also searched by the old ancestor in the secular world at that time and discarded by the Fang family when they evacuated. It was arranged reluctantly. It has been protected as the core secret of the Fang family over the years However, compared with the mountain protection array you arranged, it is just like the firefly and the bright moon. There is no comparability at all. We old guys have a guess, \”Fang Qingkun said here, paused, looked at Jane Xi and said cunningly.

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