That\’s right. It\’s really good to think about the country, be filial and do it. the old lady nodded undeniably.

Wandering at the juncture of life and death countless times, he achieved the position of god emperor on the occasion of ten thousand years.And in these memories, the face that emerged the most was, and this face still scared Shanghai.Mu Ningxue…Do not……It\’s not Mu Ningxue, but a woman named Luo Yi, but she and Mu Ningxue look very similar, almost carved out of the same mold, but the aura of the two is different, compared to Mu Ningxue. Xue\’s frankness and gentleness, Luo Yi\’s temper is quite hot.But apart from their tempers, the two are no different.Could it be that Ningxue also transferred to the ninth generation with me? Shanghai was shocked, not only thinking.Compared to the fairy, Luo Yi is much better, with the blessing of the Thunder God Emperor, although the two are extremely rough together, But in the end they stayed together for millions of years. In the end, Luo Yishouyuan was exhausted and died. The Thunder God Emperor personally built an ice coffin for her, which was stored in the Thunder God Emperor’s palace, and would never rot.After that, the Thunder God Emperor did not marry his whole life, and finally went to the deepest part of the sky when his life was about to run out.At this time!Shanghai suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head. It seemed that some force was affecting him, and the memory fragments were converging more and more slowly.Suddenly, a hazy shadow appeared. A child, only about eight years old, had a delicate face and looked no different from an ordinary child, but those eyes contained endless vicissitudes, as if they had seen everything in the world. .The moment he saw this child, Shanghai\’s pupils suddenly shrank, because he was very familiar with this child, that was the self before the age of eight.As the child appeared, the fairy bones in his body trembled, glowing with an unimaginable power. This force seemed to be preventing something, and the fragments of memory quickly gathered together to form a picture in the end.In the depths of the sky, the Thunder God Emperor looked into the distance, his eyes full of sorrow and helplessness, as well as deep regret. He raised his right hand slightly. Shanghai was surprised to find that the Thunder God Emperor’s right hand had been broken, and those cracks were extremely severe. Great, it seemed that there was a terrible force tearing the right palm of the Thunder God Emperor.What\’s the matter? Didn\’t the Thunder God Emperor explode and die by himself? Shanghai was surprised. After watching so many memories, he naturally knew that the Thunder God Emperor hadn\’t reached the moment when his life was exhausted, although Luo Yi is dead, but the Thunder God Emperor is still thinking of various ways to resurrect her, so the Thunder God Emperor has no reason to explode her body.But at this moment, the Thunder God Emperor was eroded by some terrifying force, which Shanghai had never seen before.With the strength of the Thunder God Emperor, he couldn\’t suppress the erosion of this terrible power, and he could only watch his right palm completely tore.The Thunder God Emperor did not commit suicide… Shanghai was certain.

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