Jane Xi held Xiao Siyu and felt pity in her heart. The child who saw his parents and sister fall into the devil with his own eyes was painfully precocious.

Goo… The little beast pointed to his mouth suddenly, and then made a gesture of vomiting.You said you can spit out those laws and powers? Shanghai asked in surprise.puff……The little beast suddenly opened his mouth, and spit out abruptly into the distance, only to see a trace of the law of heaven and earth swept out, directly torn the void, leaving a long crack.Can only vomit so much? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Goo! The little beast nodded involuntarily.Shanghai was originally full of expectations, but now I am a little disappointed. The power of this law of heaven and earth is indeed not weak, almost comparable to the power of the deity’s full blow, but in the future, the strong will not only be at the level of the deity. The strong, as well as the quasi-divine emperor and above, even the reincarnation of the divine emperor.Afterwards, Shanghai continued to let the little beast try it. The result was still the same. Every time he could only spit out a trace of the power of the law of heaven and earth, he couldn\’t vomit too much, but the little beast looked very good when he spit out the power of the law of heaven and earth. It\’s easy, and it doesn\’t seem to be laborious.Looking at the torn rift, Shanghai suddenly remembered its own ancient demon bloodline. After experiencing the eighth calamity, the initial vitality was transformed, and its ancient demon bloodline became more and more dense. The intensity of the demon bloodline has surpassed the original.However, Shanghai feels that its bloodline of the ancient demon has not reached its limit, and it should be richer. The little beast absorbs the power of the law of heaven and earth. The initial power comes from the power of the law of heaven and earth. I wonder if this law of heaven and earth can make itself The blood of the ancient demon is stronger.Because the stronger the blood of the ancient demon, the more Shanghai will control the dragon scales. Now he barely controls the power of one dragon scale, and there are the other eight. In addition, there is also the pair of dragons. Horn, it is said that this thing contains the secret of becoming immortal.Shanghai really wanted to explore it, but after trying for a long time, he couldn’t do anything. In addition, he also had a huge monument made of a part of a dragon, with a special method of transforming dragons and demons engraved on it. He has tried many times so far, but he still can\’t understand it.As the bloodline concentration of the ancient demon increased, and nine dragon scales were attached to him, Shanghai had a bold guess, whether this dragon demon transformation method and the secret of becoming a fairy with the dragon\’s horns would be directly related to the bloodline concentration of the ancient demon. Indirect connection?For example, after the bloodline concentration of the ancient demon reaches a certain level, can he comprehend the method of dragon demon transformation and realize the secret of dragon horns? Although it is said that the soul can become immortal after ten transformations, that is only what the Emperor Xiaoyao said and has not been confirmed. Therefore, Shanghai intends to take a look at the secret of immortality of Longjiao, so that it can also be used for reference.Shanghai was about to try, and suddenly I felt that someone was coming. Obviously, after the Ninth Calamity, someone came to check the situation here.There was no death in the Ninth Calamity. Once it was noticed, it would inevitably cause a great shock. Shanghai didn\’t want to cause a lot of trouble, and immediately returned to the palace of Chengditai. The entire palace was completely sealed off. Cannot be opened from the outside.The Eye of the Sky…Shanghai Shuangpu became transparent, directly breaking through the falsehood, penetrating the platform of Zhengdi, he saw two shadows vaguely, it was the purple fox and Wutian, the breath of the second girl still existed, but the second girl seemed to be at this moment. Falling into some kind of inexplicable deep sleep, they were filled with mysterious power.Shanghai, which has the inheritance of God Emperor Cangxuan, naturally knows what it is. That is the power of God Emperor transformation. Only after experiencing the nine calamities and ascending to the position of God Emperor, will this kind of God Emperor transformation power appear. The person must be transformed into a god emperor under the power of this transformation.The situation of the two girls is weird now, and the transformation power of the god emperor working on them is very weak.

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