\”Girl, you don\’t have to be nervous. You should call him senior Hong. He\’s a weapon refiner and knows some arrays. After all, he needs to depict some arrays when refining weapons, so I have this question when I see that your array is good. He was born with such a temper and won\’t laugh with me. He doesn\’t mean any harm. You can rest assured.\” Liu Shengtao looked at Jian Xi\’s tight body and some uneven breathing and replied with a smile. His tone was very casual and natural. He didn\’t take his old friend\’s poker face to heart.

Wu Tian sighed helplessly. She could feel the horror of these nine chaotic auras, and she knew that she was hard to resist. This time, she might be in danger.suddenly!A figure swept up.Perceiving the figure, Wu Tian quickly turned his head, and when she saw Shanghai rushing towards the stage of Zhengdi, her beautiful eyes showed a look of surprise.Click, click…Shanghai\’s body was constantly shattering, but under the regeneration of the ancient demon\’s bloodline, it was constantly recovering, but the recovery speed was slower than the bursting speed, so his body was always full of cracks.Seeing Shanghai, which is constantly rushing up, Wu Tian has inexplicable ripples in her heart. She has only met Shanghai twice. In the past, she was in a secret realm. The realm of Shanghai at that time was extremely low. With her ability, It can be wiped out with a single breath.But unexpectedly, Shanghai has grown so fast, in just a few hundred years, it has reached the limit of the Seventh Blessed One, and even the level of the Eighth Blessed One.It was an accident to encounter Shanghai again this time. Wu Tian never expected someone to help her, so she didn\’t ask for anything, but Shanghai stepped up step by step, obviously intending to help her, but his realm is still A little lower, what can you do in front of this eighth calamity?Looking at Shanghai, Wu Tian remembered everything in the past. Once, she gave almost everything for a so-called beloved person, but what she got in the end was heartbreak, and now someone stepped on this platform for her to prove the emperor. She helped her in the most dangerous moments.This caused Wu Tian\’s heart to soften instantly. The original crack in her heart is slowly recovering. It was caused by emotional injury. Only the extreme injury will cause her heart to be broken. Now her heart is coming up with Shanghai step by step. , Is recovering.What are you doing here? Don\’t go back soon. Wu Tian said.I\’ll help you. Shanghai said.You help me… Wu Tian trembled and looked at Shanghai in amazement, \”Why help me?\”Not why, I just want to help you. Shanghai resolutely said. In fact, he knew why he wanted to help Wutian. In the shuttle of time and space, if it wasn\’t for himself, Wutian would not be thrown into the demon lair and transformed into a big one. demon.Although it was performed by the Shuttle of Time and Space, Wu Tian would also help him if he really encountered such a situation. Since Wu Tian has done this, why can\’t Shanghai do it?Just want to help me…Wu Tian was startled slightly, she didn\’t know what to say for a while, and the subtle changes in her eyes gradually changed when she watched Shanghai. It was a kind of inexplicable throbbing. She has been lonely in her practice for so many years, and no one has ever helped. She, now there is someone willing to help her, and it is still at this critical juncture.boom……A huge black stone stele rose in the air and hung over Shanghai\’s head. At this moment, he has reached the middle step of Chengdi Terrace. The power of the nine Chaos Qi is too terrifying, even if it is he can hardly sustain it. Can swing the Prison Shaking Monument.

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