This is the second time that Jianxi has entered this monthly auction. This kind of auction is not comparable to the small auction every day. Moreover, the monks participating in the auction are the top figures in the whole low-level continent. Therefore, Jianxi can only enter it, The big reason is that she continuously supplies three to five pills to the auction every day.

We never provoke these tribes, how come they come together? Ling Xuanya said solemnly.It is very likely that the fact that we have fish and dragons has leaked. Although the spread of news from this source is relatively slow, except for our spirits and gods, all major tribes have installed their eyes and ears. I guess it should be from the evil tribe. News. Ling Zhantian stood up, his expression resolute, \”How many people have come?\”It is estimated that there are sixty thousand combat power… Ling Xuanya said bitterly.The combat power of the entire Spirit God line was only four thousand, and if the old and weak women and children were counted, the combat power was at most five thousand.Let the whole clan get ready for battle, Xuanhao, you take a thousand clan people, let me go ahead, try to delay the time, Brother Sacred Wood, please inform the strong of the wood world, and the Heaven and Earth II of the Vast Sky Sacred Sect. Clan… Ling Zhantian said.Yes!Father rest assured, I will immediately return to let the Heaven and Earth Clan come over. Shengmu nodded, and left with Lieyan and others quickly.Afterwards!Ling Zhantian brought Ling Xuan Hao to the first level of the valley. This is a road that is as wide as three feet. It can only pass more than 20 people at a time. It is surrounded by cliffs, and a lot of spirits have been standing on it. The people of God\’s lineage, Rolling Stone is ready.In the distance, dense figures appeared in the field of vision. As they rushed, a large amount of sand and dust rushed up. I saw countless tribes pouring into the canyon, headed by six large bodies. The chiefs of the Zhuang tribe are five men and one woman.Boom…The handle of the battle axe in Ling Zhantian\’s hand hit the ground fiercely, staring sharply at the six tribes who rushed in. The six tribes who rushed in stopped one after another at a distance of one hundred meters away. Zhan Tian and the others looked at each other when the six tribal leaders walked out of the crowd.Presumably you are the leader of the Spirit God tribe, right?I\’m always getting older, but looking at this look, I should have killed a lot of people.The leader of the tribal leader praised, \”I am the leader of an outlier, and I don’t bother to talk nonsense with you. Our six tribes came for one thing. I heard that your tribe got a lot of food. The tribe also lacks food.\”Hand over some of the food, we all are in peace, otherwise… Another elephant clan leader waved a double-sided giant stone axe.In the source area, all wars are due to competition for food, but sometimes, there may not be wars. As long as one side compromises, it is inevitable that the big tribes oppress the small ones. This is the reason why these six big tribes do not. There is a reason for the storm.The leader of the evil race was dead, killed by a guy who could fly.Can fly…This kind of ability is already terrifying in the source area, because everyone can\’t fly, so it is destined to kill this flying guy. If this flying guy is from the side of the spirit god If the spirits and spirits are attacked, if the guy who can fly is not killed, the leaders of these six tribes will have trouble sleeping and eating, because it is impossible to predict when the guy who can fly will take revenge.

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