\”It doesn\’t matter. Sit down, if I don\’t think I\’m scary,\” Jane replied.

There was silence for a while, all the strong were dumbfounded, and their eyes were full of extreme shock.The gods were defeated, and he was hit hard…Prior to this, it was completely impossible. No one would think about it, or even think about it, because no one would believe that the angry deity would be severely injured by Shanghai. If someone said before starting If you say this, no one will believe it.But the scene before him was real, and the gods were indeed blown away…The faces of many high-level leaders of the three major forces changed, some glared at each other, some furiously, and some eyes were filled with incomparable surprise, but most of them didn’t understand. Shanghai waved hundreds of high-level barren patterns, and it was not necessarily the enemy of the god of Nuzong.But!However, Shanghai smashed the Nu Zong god with a fist, and instead of using hundreds of high-level barren patterns, it was only seventy. How did he do it? What technique was used? All the senior executives are full of suspicion and incomprehension. It is because they can\’t see through that they are so anxious at this moment, and their gazes towards Shanghai contain a hint of fear.A powerful man at the peak of the sixth world-zun actually severely wounded the deity with a single punch. Respecting Chuang is not so easy.Of course, the main reason is that the god of Nuzong respects the enemy first.but!Even if a deity underestimates the enemy, it is impossible to be severely injured by a strong man at the peak of the sixth world lord…Master Arakawa…This profession, which has long been hailed as lost, has actually returned, and it is still such a young high-level peak barren master. Although the top three powers present have some understanding of the barren master, they just stop at the surface. No one knows how capable Master Huang Wen is.However, being able to severely injure a deity, Master Huang Wen\’s ability is already terrifying.In an instant!The expressions of many gods showed deep fear, and there was no sound from the Swire Alliance, because even Helian was shocked at this moment, and it was difficult to react for a while. In fact, it was not that he was unable to react, but he was thinking about something. Things, making some choices.After severely injuring the god of Nuzong, Shanghai did not catch up, but quickly sat cross-legged, and the ancient demon regeneration quietly circulated in his body. Only then did he wield the power of the top-level wild pattern, and his physique was also severely damaged, if it was not seventy high. If you protect the body of the rank wild pattern, I am afraid that I will also fall here.The power of the top-level wild pattern is too overbearing. The surface of Shanghai looks intact, but the body has been crushed into a ball.So he must recover as soon as possible, because next he may have to face two or even more than three gods. With its hidden cards, it may be difficult to deal with it. As the ancient demon regenerates, Shanghai’s injuries quickly recovered. NS.Eight hundred thousand drops of the ancient demon\’s blood, the power of recovery is so huge, in just three breaths, Shanghai\’s body has almost recovered.

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