Bai Yunfeng is an old and refined man. He can see it very clearly. Just as Wang Faren thought before, Jian Xi is so young and has such high achievements. Then he may become a top figure like an alchemy master in the future. Now, to show good will is to bury a good fruit for his future. Therefore, under Bai Yunfeng\’s deliberate friendship, The old and the young are happy for a few days.

Shangguan Taoist Fellow\’s Six Consciousness Heavenly Art is really powerful.A low and hoarse voice came, although it was not loud, but it made the strong people present couldn\’t help but shudder, because this voice was like a terrifying god blade, cutting their sea of ​​consciousness, some of the weaker ones were strong. Suddenly, his face out……Four silhouettes flew out and landed on the other side of the elder Shangguan and others. They were three men and one woman. These four people looked ordinary, and they even wore the clothes of the strong men of the Perish League, but they fell with the four. , Their faces changed rapidly, and their bodies changed accordingly.The figures of the two men rose to about two feet tall, and their clothes were torn. The first man was covered with scales, and even a pair of purple-black wings appeared behind his back, while the other man\’s skin was condensed. Black ancient armor, with two black horns growing on his shoulders.The remaining men and women did not change in the slightest, but their auras had undergone earth-shaking changes. The auras of the two became extremely terrifying, and they were not even inferior to the Shangguan elders and others.Looking at these four gods, the strong people present suddenly changed their colors.Prime powerhouse…It\’s the resurrected god…The powerhouses of the Fallen League suddenly became serious. Obviously, they did not expect that there would be an ancient powerhouse who would be mixed in, and there would still be four gods.Shanghai and others also showed solemnity.I don\’t know how the four fellow Taoists are called. Elder Shangguan stared at each other.Dragon Wings! said the god with a pair of purple and black wings.Corner!Wind zero!No soul!The other three gods have submitted their names one after another.Four fellow daoists came to me and perished in the League of Gods. I was somewhat scornful and hoped to forgive my sins. Since the four fellow daoists came here, I should welcome them. But next I thought that the four fellow daoists should come from the ancient times. , Forget the customary ceremony. Shangguan elder said casually.I won\’t talk too much nonsense. The man named Jiao Ge with double horns on his shoulders said: \”I am waiting to come here to explore the Extreme Ice Imperial Palace. This Imperial Palace is not exclusive to your perishable alliance, so I am also eligible to enter it.\”Of course, since the four Daoists are willing to explore it together, I will welcome the four Daoists below. But before I have a word, I am waiting for this time to come here for the things left by the leader. If you wait to find it, I hope to return it. As for the rest, it depends on personal chances. I don\’t know how the four feel? The Shangguan elder said slowly.

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