\”Sister, sister\”

With a punch, it was like a galaxy flying by.Bang!Shanghai’s body almost exploded, and the Eight-Winged God and Demon was only knocked away for a certain distance. Although it was a conscious fight, the pain it caused was beyond doubt. I did not expect this Eight-Winged God and Demon to be so terrifying, compared to the ninth. The sixteen bronze colossus almost crossed a realm.Obviously, the eight-winged god and demon cannot be defeated by the power of the demon alone. If they are defeated, they will completely lose the opportunity to continue walking. Technique.no!Magic skills must be acquired.Shanghai\’s eyes revealed endless fierceness, the magic in his body surged out, his fists squeezed, and the almost exploded body quickly condensed, and the recovery speed of the ancient demon\’s regeneration was faster than before. How many times, he has recovered in an instant.Emperor blood shortage pattern! Nine intermediate barren patterns!The two came out together, and lines containing terrifying power appeared in Shanghai. This was his biggest trump card, and also the strongest trump card. With the blessing of these wild patterns, the power of the demon in the body was once again. It skyrocketed.kill!Shanghai\’s extremely dark eyes reveal a magical nature.boom……One punch penetrated the eight-winged god and demon.Although this eight-winged god and demon is the third-to-last opponent of the ancient God Emperor Yu in the past, this thing is after all a bronze colossus. Compared with the real opponent of the ancient God Emperor Yu in the past, it is much worse. In addition, it has been left over for tens of thousands of years, and with the weakening of the emperor\’s prestige, this eight-winged god and demon has also weakened a lot.If the power of the past is still there, let alone Shanghai, no one can come here at all.boom……The eight-winged gods and demons were completely shattered, and even the origins of the gods and demons that existed in their bodies were also broken. This is the origin that supports the complete recovery of the gods and demons. Once the origin is lost, the gods and demons cannot be resurrected again. In an instant, a phantom emerged.An ancient demon, no, to be precise, it was just a phantom. I saw this phantom appearing in the firmament. Without seeing him making any movements, an endless magical intent emerged, filled with a vast expanse of firmament. Then one star field burst into pieces.Thousands of stars!All burst!

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