The whole aura around the Danshi tower was gathered towards the Danshi tower and entered Jianxi\’s room. A large amount of aura rushed into Jianxi\’s body and went back and forth. After more than a dozen weeks, Jianxi opened her bright eyes and looked happy. \”Is Yuanying in the middle of her life? That\’s the feeling. \”.

Although he lost his power, he controlled the city of the gods of the heavens, that is, the entrance and exit of the four imperial palaces in the middle of the gods. After occupying this place, they could not directly confront the four imperial palaces, and the four imperial palaces estimated the loss. It\’s not small, and it doesn\’t have the energy to deal with it temporarily, so it has formed a seemingly peaceful environment.certainly!All this is just the speculation of Shanghai and Jixi. It is unclear whether this is the case.However, the news that Nimie received is a good thing for Shanghai. If the Taitian God City is completely controlled by the four imperial palaces, then who can compete with the four imperial palaces?By the way, Lord Chen, there is one more important thing.Are you talking about the inheritance of the Primordial God Emperor? Shanghai counted. He had also heard about it, but he didn\’t get any definite news.Well, it is the inheritance of the ancient god emperor. This god emperor was named Yu, and he was a god emperor in the ancient times. He was called the god emperor Yushui. It is recorded in ancient books that this god emperor was unknown in the past. Enraged, drew endless water, covering the entire God\’s Domain, and finally accidentally fell in the God\’s Domain. No one knows exactly where it was. After the resurrection of the Primordial Ancients, it aroused the momentum of the Gods\’ Domain and buried countless thousands of years of the Primordial God Emperor\’s death. That’s why the land of the fall came out.Ji Mie said slowly: \”I guess, this time I am waiting to come here, and it is estimated that I will be sent to the land of the fall of the Primordial God Emperor to compete for the inheritance of the God Emperor.\”I have thought about this, but the ancient god emperor inheritance, I have no chance to get it… Shanghai sighed. Although he was very excited, he also knew that the four imperial palaces were all staring, even countless. The strong are all staring at the inheritance of the ancient god emperor Yu, and he knows his own ability, and he has not been able to obtain the inheritance of the ancient god emperor Yu in so many strong hands.There is a little chance.A little chance?The Lord Chen doesn\’t know something, only a brother from the imperial palace came to the news, saying that the place of inheritance restricts the entry of high-level gods, that is to say, only a small number of low-level gods can enter, otherwise the four imperial palaces will also I won\’t send so many young strong men. Ji Mie said.That\’s it. Shanghai understood.If there are such restrictions, there really is a chance. After all, no one will run to snatch those old monsters at the god king level, and the opponent can kill a large number of young powerhouses with a random strike. Are you sure to compete with it?If the descendants of the emperor Shengtianzhi, such as the god emperor, still have a chance, after all, they have the incomparably heavy foundation of the four emperor palaces to support.Don\’t think about it for the rest.If the high-ranking god king is restricted, then there is a chance.No one is unwilling to inherit the god emperor, and Shanghai is no exception. The quasi god emperor Cang Xuan\’s inheritance is already very strong. The cultivation method of Master Huang Wen is different from that of Shanghai itself, so he has not transferred to cultivation, even if In this way, the remaining barren pattern refining method is also extremely terrifying.If it reaches the level of a top-ranked wild pattern master, refine a top-ranked wild pattern, and hit it directly. One hit can kill a top-ranked god king. The quasi-God Emperor Cang Xuan was at the top-ranked god king level. After doing this, the opponent\’s top-tier god king was killed by him with a top-tier wild pattern just as soon as he took the shot.How many of the powerhouses of the Tianchen Alliance went to the God City of the Heavens? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.

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