Although Yan Tao sometimes explained some features and landscapes of the Yan family castle along the way, there was still a trace of other emotions in his eyebrows, but he buried them so deep that no one found them.

Watching Shanghai leave, Bi Yuelan\’s eyes were full of dismay.Silly girl, don\’t look, everyone is gone, there will be time later. Ji Ya said.From now on… Bi Yuelan\’s pretty face revealed a bit of bitterness, and the archaic curse in Shanghai\’s body is still unknown whether it can survive for ten years.Yue Lan, make every effort to fight for the teacher. Ji Ya said suddenly.what?Bi Yuelan was stunned. Seeing Ji Ya\’s face full of solemnity, he hesitated, and immediately took out the guqin, pressed her hands on it, and then the seven-color streamer flowed out of her body, that was the power contained in the Holy Body of the Wonderful Sound Divine Qin. Dao Xianying fluttered.Suddenly, many fairy sounds lingered in the palace, like a fairyland, and the vast rhythm power swept to Ji Ya from all directions.Feeling the power of Bi Yuelan, the beautiful face of Ji Ya, the palace lord, was shocked. Although she had overestimated Bi Yuelan’s power, she did not expect to underestimate her. The power spurred by his strength is actually much more terrifying than the general power of the god general level, and it also contains a kind of rhythmic power that shocks the mind.This kind of power, in the entire Qingyin Palace, only a few people such as Ji Ya can cultivate, this kind of rhythm power is called Yinxin.Bi Yuelan actually possessed the Yinxin. Although it was only initially condensed, it also shocked Ji Ya and couldn\’t help being excited about it. You must know that when she cultivated the Yinxin, she was already at the peak of the gods, Bi Yuelan was only the pinnacle of the Fourth World Venerable, and he had already been repaired.Moreover, Biyuelan is the body practice, which is much worse than the perception of the spirit body, but the body practice has many more advantages than the spirit body. The most important thing is that if it is difficult to make further progress in the future, it is okay. Transform the body of the gods.Bom!Ji Ya waved her hand gently, and the rhythm came from all directions.The power disappeared instantly.Bi Yuelan looked at the effect of her full shot in surprise, but she didn\’t expect to be broken by the palace owner so easily, which made her feel a faint sense of frustration.Yuelan, your realm is still low, and being a teacher is three realms higher than you. You don\’t need to feel lost for this. If you are in the same realm, it will be difficult for you to win as a teacher. It seems that Bi Yuelan\’s thoughts, Ji Ya He smiled slightly and said slowly.Yes! Bi Yuelan answered quickly.Have you practiced a certain tone technique? Ji Ya asked suddenly.Master…I… Bi Yuelan couldn\’t help feeling nervous, she didn\’t expect Ji Ya to see it.You don’t need to be nervous. I won’t bother as a teacher. Your melody technique is not bad compared to the strongest technique in the Qingyin Palace, and it’s even stronger. And it seems to echo your physique. Waiting for the exercise is your chance. Ji Ya said slightly.

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