Qi Jiexing saw this, and his handsome face smiled unceasingly.

He seemed to perceive Shanghai\’s weird gaze, and the old undead frowned, \”What kind of gaze is your boy? The deity came to rescue you personally, and he didn\’t even say a word of gratitude. It really saved you in vain.\”How do you know that I am here? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Didn’t you have the token of the deity? This thing is cast by the deity to separate the soul. As long as the deity is in the same area, the deity can feel it. It happens that this time the deity has something to come to this abandoned world, otherwise you kid I won\’t see the sun of tomorrow. The old undead voice was a little bit mean.But Shanghai is not surprised, because I have been with the old immortal for a long time, it is natural to know that this old guy is a hard-mouthed and soft-hearted type. I don’t say it, but I think so in my heart, but for the old immortal, he can come to rescue him at a critical moment. For himself, it is impossible to say that he is not grateful, but in the face of old immortality, he just can\’t say that kind of grateful words.What\’s more, with the friendship between the two, there is no need to say so much, as long as you know it from the bottom of your heart.To what extent has the undead of old age reached?Shanghai couldn\’t see it through, and my heart was full of curiosity. He immediately released his divine consciousness, but when it was about to fall on the old immortal, the divine consciousness was blocked by an inexplicable force and could not penetrate.Can\’t penetrate?Shanghai immediately strengthened his spiritual thoughts, and suddenly a ray of spiritual thoughts slowly permeated in.suddenly!A stronger force came back, and the divine consciousness was immediately shaken back.Divine Mind…The old undead looked at Shanghai with a surprised expression, \”You kid has transformed into a divine mind. You are only at the level of the fourth world nobleman. With this level of divine consciousness, you are about to reach the level of a powerful person who has just entered the realm of the gods. Boy, don\’t use it. Divine Sense spy on others at will. If you meet a Divine King, once the other party knows that you have Divine Sense, you will be dead, so don’t put it away soon.\”Oh! Shanghai replied, and immediately couldn\’t help asking: \”I am not dead, you have recovered?\”It\’s just recovered some. Old Undead said casually.Looking at the tone of the old immortality, he obviously didn’t want to talk about his cultivation level and realm. Shanghai also didn’t ask about it, but he was able to block his divine mind. The old immortality is at least at the high-level god general level, but it’s just recovery. A little more, shouldn\’t he be a king of God?God King…Shanghai\’s heart suddenly shook, but he didn\’t think too much. Even if the old immortality is the king of gods, the relationship between the two will not change because of this. He is still him, old and immortal, and the two never Too many changes have occurred because of changes in realm.I am not dead, where did you go after you left the Wild World? Shanghai asked curiously.I went back to God\’s Domain and restored my true body… The old undead stared faintly into the distance, his face changed abruptly, he turned his head abruptly, and stared at the distant earth with an ugly expression: \”He is chasing.\”

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