Not only him, but also brilliance and Yan Tao looked at her with complex eyes in the window.

Kill me… Shen Wuji\’s cheek twitched slightly, and then he sneered, \”Is it up to you? If you reach the level of the Third World Venerable, you want to kill me? You are too naive. The Third World Venerable is almost different from the high-level gods. It’s above a whole realm. Haha… Shanghai, if you don’t have a way to survive, you just run to find death, You are so stupid, but you know how many people died of their self-confidence, and you are no exception…\”Before he finished his words, Shen Wuji had already made a move, and his right hand shook slightly, and his entire arm turned into a blue-black color, like a magic claw, banging, slapped on the ground with one claw, and the whole secret room was instantly stained with a blue-black color. The region is general.And Shen Wuji, the whole person slowly disappeared.Um?Shanghai frowned, and the scene in front of him was quite weird. He had never seen it before. What magical skill was this? Primordial magic? No, the divine mind swept quickly, but he couldn\’t catch the whereabouts of Shen Wuji, as if he was everywhere.Ha ha……There was a frantic laughter from the secret room, \”It just happens that I have just cultivated this black hell method, so I will use you to try its power, don’t look, you can’t find my true body, this is from the middle of the gods. The supreme mystery handed down from the world, combined with the use of the third-rank magical skill-Black Prison Claw, is not only extremely powerful, but even has a special magical effect. Have a taste.\”Shoo…A series of blue and black giant claws emerged from the earth and the walls of the secret room, reaching tens of thousands of them in a flash, and grabbed them towards Shanghai.When Shanghai saw this, his body moved, and the Thunder God Spear swept out, and the giant claws were smashed to pieces on the spot, but when the Thunder God Spear was retracted, a dark atmosphere wrapped around his right arm. Immediately afterwards, a dark spot appeared on the right arm, and this spot spread rapidly, covering the entire right arm in an instant.suddenly!The right arm grabbed the head of Shanghai.not good!Shanghai\’s heart shuddered, his left arm swiftly did everything, the whole right arm was broken on the spot, and it fell to the ground, becoming one of many giant claws.Haha, thank you for adding a powerful black claw to me. Shen Wuji laughed wildly.Add one…Shanghai\’s face changed slightly, looking at the many black prison claws on the ground, he couldn\’t help but said in a deep voice: \”These black prison claws weren\’t yours…\”Cleverness, of course, is not what I have made, but I have caught a lot of strong people, cut off their arms and refined them. It is a pity, like you at the level of the third world noble, and with such strong arms. It\’s rare, but it\’s not in a hurry. When I kill you, I will grab more gods, remove their arms, and turn them into the black prison claws of the deity. By then, the power will skyrocket. Shen Wuji laughed.Upon hearing this, Shanghai\’s expression suddenly sank.

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