Shangguan Po didn\’t know why. Seeing Jane Xi\’s bleak and gloomy look, she was distressed for a while. Without hesitation, she agreed. Gao Shuang on one side couldn\’t help it anymore and said, \”brother Shangguan, doesn\’t she have her own flying spirit?\”

Nine kinds of reincarnation mood!Except for Shanghai Overseas, there is no second person in the world who has owned it, and these nine reincarnation moods have been merged together to become the ultimate reincarnation state. That is the ultimate reincarnation mood level. From the very beginning, He just thought that the extreme reincarnation was just to make his power stronger, and now it seems that it may not be limited to this point.Shanghai estimates that the extreme state of reincarnation really exerts its potential power, or after he reaches the level of the world-honored person, at that time can he truly control the extreme state of reincarnation.呲…The Thunder God Spear suddenly disappeared, quickly condensed together, turned into an ancient token like the color of Thunder, and floated in front of Shanghai.This is the Order of All Things Void Heaven? The highest-level order to enter the city? I wonder what the difference between the two is compared to the Order of All Things at the Gold Level? Shanghai Xin asked.He picked it up and put it into his hand. At the moment he touched it, the palm of his hand suddenly hurt, followed by a drop of blood, and a ray of mind fell into the Void Heaven Order. At that moment, his whole body was violent. Shocked, his eyes were filled with surprise, because the material of the Void Heaven Order of All Things was actually made of a rare treasure in the world.Nine Heavens Fairy Crystal…That\’s right, it is the Nine Heavens Immortal Crystal. This is an extremely rare thing in the world. It is a super treasure used by the god emperor to forge the artifact suitable for his use. According to ancient records, the artifact used by the god emperor has exceeded the category of first-class artifacts. , Is known as the emperor artifact.The power of the god emperor, I don’t know how terrifying it is. Even the first-grade artifact is difficult to support, just like the sixth-grade artifact used when Shanghai used the Taishi Nine Swords. It was only swung three times, and it was about to break. That\’s because the power of Taishi Nine Swords was too strong, and the Sixth-Rank artifact could not support it at all.hold head high!A light appeared in front of it, but a straight road, and the end was a surprise.Shanghai didn’t think about it any further, put away the Void Sky Order of All Things, and walked towards the battle. Although I don’t know what effect this thing will have in the City of All Things, at least it can be guaranteed to enter the city, and this is made by the Nine Heavens Fairy Crystal. Success, even if there is nothing to gain in Wanwu City this time, this trip is not in vain just by relying on this Wanwu Xutian Order.Chapter 1187As soon as Shanghai stepped out of the battlefield, he heard a familiar and excited laughter. It was because Sen Luo was laughing.I saw Sen Luo and Gu Yu standing together with a smile on their faces, especially Sen Luo, who looked quite agitated and excited.What\’s the matter? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Shanghai, look, what is this! Sen Luo triumphantly flipped through it, and saw a quaint copper order appearing in front of her eyes.Bronze Order of Everything? Shanghai was surprised.Yes, haha, I was lucky. I passed the trial and obtained the Bronze Order of All Things. Sen Luo said excitedly.

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