What well can hold so many people? Why do good people become like this in a short time? Jane Xi\’s divine consciousness has extended downward when she thinks about these things, but the underground in divine consciousness is only a Wang of well water, there is nothing special, and there is nothing in the well water.

This is the strongest meaning of the third-class magical skill Frozen World, and it is also the performance of this magical skill in the hands of Shanghai to its extreme.Click, click…Time and space were frozen to a halt, and ice crystals spread out quickly, quickly attacking the magic…Chapter 1141suddenly!A black shadow shot out from the void.Master! I\’ll help you.While the black shadow spoke, he was about to kill towards Shanghai, but the speed of the ice crystal spread too fast, it was affected by the ice crystal just as it moved, and its speed dropped sharply.At this time!A hand behind him suddenly caught the shadow.Master… Sombra was taken aback.Nigger, it\’s time for you to die for me… After the divine technique, he blocked the dark shadow in front of him, and at the same time mobilized all the divine power.The ice crystals covered the black shadow, continuously condensing, freezing its body, flesh and blood, and finally freezing the soul. When he was dying, the black slave\’s eyes widened, his eyes full of incredible and deepness. Of regret.Bang!The ice crystal burst.Divine Law was rushed out by this terrifying force. Although it was not dead, it was blown to blood and blood by this force, and it was almost inhuman.Seeing that Shenfa was still alive, Shanghai would continue to take action as soon as his figure moved, but he suddenly found that the four spirit powers on his body had escaped. A strong sense of exhaustion struck him, and his mind was exhausted in an instant. More than that, his whole body The power and power have been exhausted, and he can barely maintain his figure.The magical technique that had been shocked for a certain distance, under the strong desire to survive, ignoring the injuries on his body, quickly flew to the distance, fleeing for thousands of miles, until it fell into the silver hall in the void.Close the whole hall, open the barrier, hurry… Divine Magic hurriedly ordered.After hearing this, dozens of divine punishments hurriedly closed the silver hall and opened the enchantment. After the enchantment was enveloped, the magical law sat in a paralyzed position.

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