The rocks were constantly bombarded, but Shanghai\’s limbs were already bloody. In the final analysis, his body was too weak. In addition, the Xuanyan sacred tortoise was an ancient beast, and it was amazing to be able to do this step.

Sold…not sold… The short thin man shook his head.Not for sale?Now it’s Shanghai’s turn to sit still a little bit. If you don’t sell it, wouldn’t it be missed? Hurry up and say: \”Well, how about I give you two more?\” After finishing speaking, I took out two pine resins.Also…more? The short, thin man\’s eyes straightened.Not enough? Shanghai asked.He had to take down these three Dreamling Fairy Grasses, even if he was paying the price of all the high-grade gods on his body, he had to change his hands.Enough… Enough… The short thin man nodded quickly.Hearing these words, Shanghai immediately breathed a sigh of relief.Ming Yuyan on the side saw this and didn\’t know what to say.The worthless pine resin and the nightmare grass that makes people have nightmares, whether it is a short thin man or Shanghai, are a look that is inevitable, do these things have special effects that she doesn\’t know? At this time, she couldn\’t help wondering, was her knowledge too shallow?Do you still have it on you? Shanghai asked subconsciously, he just asked casually.Dream…Nightmare grass? The short thin man hesitated for a moment, and then hesitated, \”There are seven more…\”Okay, take them out. I bought them. How about replacing one pine resin with another? Shanghai said.One for one? The short and thin man seemed to have been shot by a huge surprise, and his whole person was dumbfounded on the spot.How about it?Okay, okay, change it! After the short and thin man reacted, his original stuttering disappeared, lest Shanghai wouldn\’t change it, and he stuffed ten \”Nightmare Grass\” and the bottle of spirit blood directly. He seems to have forgotten to take ten pine resin.Shanghai smiled, and handed ten pine resins to the short and thin man. After receiving it, the latter looked at the surroundings like a treasure, for fear of being noticed, and then took out a blue box containing enchantment. Put ten pine resin into it carefully, and then seal the barrier.Without saying much, the short and thin man was about to close his stall and leave immediately.and many more.Also…what else?

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