It\’s over…

If the strength is like these powerhouses, there is no fear. If you are approached by a powerhouse with a reincarnation mood, you will definitely suffer a loss if you suddenly make a move.Let\’s go.Well, these are for you. Ming Yuyan handed over the trace of Shenyuan in the storage bracelet.Be careful along the way, you may encounter some special powerhouses in another world. Shanghai reminded, and at the same time put Shenyuan away.Afterwards!The two flew at low altitude and continued to march forward.Half an hour after the two of them left, a figure emerged from the ground. It was the powerful rock world leader just now, looking viciously at the direction where the two of Shanghai were leaving.Dare to kill my subordinates, you are dead, the five masters of Yan are coming, once the adults arrive, you will definitely die… The strong rock world thought of the hundreds of gods that had been taken away, and his heart couldn\’t help but twitch. But it took them a month and hunting twice to get it, plus what they got before, it was all their property.In this battlefield of gods, except for rare treasures, ordinary things are not worth anything at all, unless they are rare things, only the source of gods circulates here.Withdrawing his gaze, the rock realm powerhouse was about to turn around and leave, but at this moment, thirteen black lights lased from the sky, extremely fast, and they were thirteen cultivators. What is surprising is that these People seem to be quite familiar with the battlefield of gods, almost without any scruples.Seeing these thirteen cultivators, the face of the strong rock world changed slightly, because the aura emitted by the opponent fluctuated no less than him, even higher than him. With him alone, he naturally couldn\’t cope with it, so he turned and turned immediately. It is liquid and slowly blends in against the ground.suddenly!There was a loud bang on the ground, and the liquefied rock world expert was hit by a special mark, and he was immediately beaten back to his original shape. His expression changed immediately, and he hurried to use the liquefaction again, but this ability seemed to be imprisoned. It is totally impossible to display it.come over!The thirteen cultivators were stagnant in the high air, and the leader looked cold, and saw that he grabbed it casually, and the strong in the rock world was caught in the air by an extraordinary force.At this time, the rock realm powerhouse could see the appearance of these thirteen cultivators. They were a group of handsome men and beauties, and everyone was wearing a kind of primitive armor. The lines carved on the top exude amazing defenses. Breath, and in the center, there is even a defensive enchantment.Enchantment Divine Armor… The eyes of the strong in the rock world were round. With his insight, how can I not tell how high the value of this divine armor is. Anything placed in the rock world is enough to be broken Head, and such a divine armor, thirteen cultivators have.Looking at the strange and terrifying aura surging on the opponent again, the face of the strong rock realm turned pale, and he realized who he had encountered, strong in the realm of God, this group of people is definitely strong in the realm of God. It was also the last thing he wanted to encounter.Ask you a question. The voice of the leading God Domain powerhouse was icy.Big…sir, please say… The rock world expert hurriedly responded.

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