Of course, she also thought about killing Shanghai.

Will bring this kind of inexplicable panic and anxiety.In the Great Wilderness World, the peak of the Second World Venerable is already at its extreme, and the highest is only the limit of the Second World Venerable. This level of the Third World Venerable has only been seen in ancient times, and everyone present has only heard of it, and has never seen it.Well……A faint voice broke in from the sky, and the top powerhouses present trembled, their complexion suddenly became extremely pale, and the whole body was suddenly saturated with cold sweat, even the top powerhouses in the vast star realm were no exception. People dare to move a bit, because they have been captured.suddenly!The top of the sky slowly moved and gathered into a face, a face that had five points of imagination with the evil man. Just the emergence of a face made all the top powers froze in place.God… Xing Xuan spit out the word with difficulty.In an instant!The faces of the other top powerhouses have changed, especially the top powerhouses of the Hao Xingjie, all of them have extremely ugly expressions.Chapter 0937: Ao Yi\’s ArrivalGods…He had already swept to Shanghai below the Shenfeng, and when he turned back to see a face cast on the sky, his heart suddenly shuddered, that suffocating breath, he would never admit his mistake, he had seen it in the ancient land of heaven and prison in the past. Golden armor gods, yes, this is definitely the breath of gods.Where is my son? The gods on the sky confided, and every word was like a thousand thunder rushing, shaking the sky violently.Huh…The complexions of the top powerhouses in the Hao Xing Realm and the Four Clan Alliance changed completely.Get me back. The gods shot two divine lights from his eyes, which immediately penetrated the sky and the void, and hit a million miles.The five divine punishments who were flying at extreme speed were immediately swept by these two divine lights and disappeared in place. After they reacted, they had been photographed above the sky. At this moment, they were surrounded by divine lights and moved. Can\’t move a bit.When they saw the gods on the sky, the five gods of punishment were so scared that their souls were scattered.Big…sir…The head of the God Punisher had a stiff expression, and his eyes were full of despair and despair. He knew very well that once this adult appeared, they would not be able to escape even if they reached the border of the Great Wilderness World.

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