There is something wrong in Shanghai. Those strange beasts seem to have never been seen before, and have never heard of them. Where did they come from? At this time, he remembered that he had fallen into that weird vortex and glanced at the distance. The towering mountains are as tall as the Optimus Prime, and each mountain contains a unique spirituality, like a living thing. Like.

This sentence aroused the approval of many top powerhouses, and even the female elders of the Huang clan nodded slightly.But… Xuanji frowned, he always felt a little uneasy.Elder Xuanji, let this be the case. He wants to fight one hundred against one hundred. I will wait as he wishes.right!I agree.In an instant!Nearly 90% of the top powerhouses agreed, Xuanji had planned to say something, but finally let it go, and did not go on.Xingxuan, is what this son said is recognized by your Hao Star Realm? He really wants to use his own power to oppose all our younger generations? the Taihao clan elder said loudly.Yes! Xing Xuan nodded.Well, if that\’s the case, then as you wish, I hope you don\’t go back on it. said the Taihao clan elder.We never go back. Xing Xuan waved his hand, obviously reluctant to say more.The top powerhouses of the Hao Star Realm spoke up, and the top powerhouses of the Four Clans Alliance would not say anything, because no matter how you look at it, the situation is beneficial to the Four Clans Alliance, and those younger generations of powerhouses, see this. After having been agreed, one by one was full of blood, and the eyes looking at the monster man became more and more hot.Patter…Most of the younger generation of strong men stepped forward, staring at the monster man, shaking with power, shaking out waves of silhouettes, they waited for the moment to start, once it started, This person must be beaten to vomit blood and fall to the ground.The powerhouses at the god of heaven level did not surround them, but watched quietly, including Huang Zhizun. Although they were angry, they also knew that this monster man might have some abilities, otherwise he would not dare to threaten it. Take one enemy to one hundred.Xingxuan, can you start? The Taihao clan elder looked at Xingxuan.Don\’t waste time, just do it all.Xing Xuan didn\’t speak, but the strange man hooked his finger, his mouth was still smiling, and he looked at the young powerful men, full of contempt and disdain.boom……The powerhouses in all directions moved, and more than ninety powerhouses of the earth evil level shot together. What a terrifying momentum, even the void of Shenfeng was completely distorted, and all kinds of divine powers were released, even if it was the Hao Xing Realm and the Four Clan Alliance. The top powerhouses are all moved by it.

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