\”What happened in the palace?\” Jane Xi thought to herself that she couldn\’t help thinking of the group of dusty people on the way and the young man in blue, but it also had nothing to do with her. She should just listen to the story. She was idle, too, wasn\’t it?

Hearing this, the strong on the scene suddenly became agitated, looking at Xuan Xiao\’s eyes full of hatred and anger, feeding on people and absorbing the essence of the cultivator, this has completely violated the great taboo of the cultivator.So what? I waited for the guardians to be trapped here for thousands of years by your ancestors. We serve you like slaves and help you to continuously improve. We also need to provide you with a lot of gods and cultivation secrets, but we will eat you. Just some people, you are just like this.The city lord Xuanyan roared, his face turned ugly, \”Just allow you to imprison us, and not let us eat you? Even if you know it, you are all going to die… To tell you the truth, the middle world of this realm just contains The terrible power of attack and killing, although the power of attack today is not comparable to that of the past, it is also enough to kill the powerful one. This is the exhaustion of our ancestors to restore this enchantment to this power. of……\”Enough to kill the strongest one in the world…The faces of the people like Killing and others turned pale, but the people present only realized the meaning of reincarnation of the four worlds.It\’s just the environment, it\’s impossible to resist this terrible attack.Have you seen here! The city lord Xuanzhuo pointed to the top, and saw wisps of blood-colored rays emerging from the top of the barrier. These rays were extremely strange, and each of them was covered with ancient times lines, and these lines contained terrible lines. The fierce aura is like a Primordial Fierce Beast that has been lurking for countless tens of thousands of years.The light of blood diffused quickly, and in just ten breaths, most of the enchantment had been enveloped.The strong players in the Tianchen Alliance suddenly felt inexplicably hot, especially the weaker ones. The green veins on the whole body have been exposed, and the blood in the body is rapidly heating up. The moment has almost reached the level of boiling, and their skin has changed. Got crimson.When this bloody light diffuses down, it will be the time of death for all of you.City Lord Xuansuo smiled coldly and said: \”If you dare to kill the people of our Profound Clan, you don\’t need to regret even if you die. Enjoy the power of this ancient blood enchantment.\” After speaking, the figure slowly disappeared.As the light of blood spread downwards, the bodies of some strong men trembled slightly, some covered their abdomen, their faces were extremely ugly, and from them, the sound of blood boiling continued, and a stream of heat spread out from the seven orifices. , In which there is blood constantly pouring out.This is a low-strength powerhouse, and the strength is too high to be tolerable, but at this moment they are also covered with blue veins high and high, the blood is beginning to boil, and what makes their heart palpitations is that no matter how powerful it is to suppress, they are all Can\’t suppress the boiling blood, obviously this cannot be suppressed by force.Master Chen, if we continue like this, up to 20 breaths, I will completely turn into blood… Killing said in a deep voice. At this moment, blue veins appeared on his body.Shanghai didn\’t say a word, his perception was at its extreme, and he searched everywhere in the enchantment, how he didn\’t know how, everyone was in crisis at this moment.The terrible thing about the Primordial Attack and Killing Enchantment is not how powerful it is, but its unique power. The strong in it, no matter what power is used, can’t suppress it, if the strength is not enough. If you survive the power of attacking and killing the enchantment, you will surely fall here.There is no enchantment point…Shanghai surprisingly discovered that the middle boundary of this realm has almost reached the level of perfection. There is no loophole at all. If there are no loopholes, then the barrier cannot be unlocked, and the consequence of the difficulty in unlocking the barrier is that everyone will die. it\’s here.My lord, what should we do? Chi Xing said hurriedly.Give me ten breaths and don\’t disturb me. After Shanghai finished speaking, his mind was completely silent in all perceptions.

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