\”What\’s sister Shen doing? You\’re going to kill my sister.\” Jane Xi picked up Shen Hongyan and sat down on the chair beside the table.

Competition Act…Hearing the words, withered wood and others, their expressions changed instantly.This decree is supreme in the wood world. It is determined by the oldest ancestor. The rest of the people have no right to change. This decree stipulates that the second king has a chance to challenge the true king. If he wins, he can become the wood world. The true king, and the original true king will step down from his position as king.same!If the second king fails the challenge, he will also lose his qualifications and will never be able to challenge the true king again.This is the competition law of the wood world.certainly!The true king has always been better than the second king, and the true king will be fully cultivated by the ancestors, so the true king\’s strength will almost stabilize the second king. Since the issuance of the competition law, it is not uncommon for the second king to challenge the true king, but Almost all were the result of the failure of the second king, with only a few exceptions.Therefore, if the general second king is not absolutely sure, he will not use the competition law to challenge the true king.Everyone can see that this time Shengdou has gained a lot of chances in the battlefield of gods, so that his own strength has reached the peak of the third worlds reincarnation artistic conception, and even half of his foot has stepped into the fourth worlds reincarnation artistic conception level.It was not long before Shengmu realized the reincarnation artistic conception of the Third World Zun. In addition, due to the lack of pine immortal liquid purification in the previous period, his state of declining was caused. Any advantage.Shengmu\’s face is calm, without the slightest surprise. In the Wood World, his relationship with Shenghuo is not good. Not only are the two kings and true kings, but Shenghuo\’s character is too extreme and extreme. If such a character becomes Wood World The true king will inevitably bring great trouble to the wood world.What\’s more, Shenghuo has joined the ranks of extinction, and once it becomes the true king, it will be even more unimaginable.Shengmu didn\’t know how to kill this person.However, the method of killing the gods on the battlefield of the gods is not to let the holy wood differ, and the strong ones who kill are not hesitating to use various despicable means in order to compete for the treasure.Holy Wood, I now challenge you with the ancestor\’s competition law. After Shenghuo finished speaking, he took out a whole green wooden sign from his body. This sign has a natural special texture, and every texture contains Vigorous vitality and strength, this is the decree of competition won by the second king.As Shenghuo\’s voice fell, the competition decree shattered, and a special imprint of the most profound appeared. With this imprint floating in the air, Shenghuo and Shengmu lit up with blue and deep blue light respectively. , The combination of these peculiar rays of light has become two special patterns.This is the mark of the wood world representing the second king and the true king. The two alternated in the main hall for a while. The second king\’s mark was broken and merged into the true king\’s mark. The seal became a deeper color, like a towering sacred tree, growing in the vast sky.The moment he saw this mark, there was a slight change in the sea of ​​consciousness in Shanghai, which surprised him slightly, because in the depths of the sea of ​​consciousness, there was a special mark, which was a mark that he had already neglected. The mark of the wood holy technique obtained from the clan.now!

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