Chapter 351 first sales of Dan

Shanghai shot.The evil spirit spear appeared, the mood of reincarnation was floating, the nameless magic skill was swung out with all strength, and thousands of magic skills were contained in it. After entering three inches, he couldn\’t go deep anymore, and Shanghai secretly applauded hard.suddenly!The two-headed evil beast opened his eyes and saw Shanghai, both heads roared, and a strange halo burst out of its body. A sharp sharp pierced at a very fast speed, and Shanghai subconsciously used his right hand to resist. , And run the blood of hundreds of ancient demons.呲…There was a sharp pain in the right arm, and the whole arm was smoothly disconnected.Behind the double-headed evil beast, there was a scorpion-like tail with a curved bone knife at the end. It was this bone knife that cut Shanghai\’s right arm. Shanghai\’s left hand quickly grabbed it and broke it. The right arm sucked back and connected to the wound.The regeneration of the ancient demon restored Shanghai\’s right arm as before.Roar……The body of the double-headed evil beast rose up with a terrifying force, and hit Shanghai\’s body fiercely. The powerful force knocked him out, and the chest suddenly exploded, a burst of blood and blood. At the same time, The evil spirit spear was also pulled out from the silver head of the evil beast with both hands, and blue blood spurted out, spilled on the earth, and melted the earth.Flying out of Shanghai, a big mouthful of blood spewed out.What a terrible two-headed evil beast…Shanghai took a breath of air, and the two-headed evil beast was even more terrifying than he expected. With all his strength, he pierced three inches of flesh and blood with the spear of the Sixth Rank Evil Divine Spear. It didn\’t hurt much, and it would be even more difficult to injure this two-headed evil beast if it were changed to another person.Moreover, I also paid for the consequences of being cut off my right arm and almost severely injured. If it weren’t for the blood of the ancient demon’s bloodline reached 100 drops and the physique had surpassed the past, Shanghai could imagine that it hadn’t absorbed the blood fairy fruit. The previous self came, definitely looking for death.Roar…The two-headed evil beast roared and climbed up. It was shaped like a mountain, with its arms and legs waving, and leaped towards Shanghai. Although its size was cumbersome, its speed was surprisingly fast, reaching at least two hundred times its boundary speed. Under the rush, the earth throbbed and trembled.Fortunately, there is an ancient demon regeneration in Shanghai. After swallowing a top-level healing pill, the injury is basically not a big problem. He immediately grabbed the tail of the evil spirit spear, rushed over, staring at the double The head of the evil beast pierced down with a spear.Anonymous magic!Thousands of magical skills were born, all melted at the tip of the spear, and Shanghai pierced between the two heads of the double-headed evil beast, where the liquid of reincarnation was located.Suddenly, the two heads of the double-headed evil beast leaned against each other, and the gap was immediately filled. The pierced evil spirit spear pierced the neck of the golden head and pierced three inches again.

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