At this moment, he is only about three feet away from the whirlpool. Seeing the eager and unwilling Feather Sage outside, he already understands that Ming Yuyan is not involved in it, and her character is not necessary. All this is flying. Caused by Yu Sheng and others.

And being able to stand against the earth clan for many years, the strength of the heaven clan is naturally not much worse.Are you willing? Seeing Shanghai did not answer, the old man couldn\’t help asking.Yes! Shanghai quickly agreed.Okay, with your words, the emperor is at ease. I think you have learned a lot of skills. I planned to give you some skills, but you learned the skills from the beginning of the ancient times. The emperor may not be able to match your skills. Eyes, but you have the blood of the ancient demon in your body, but unfortunately you have not transported your whole body, and you can’t use the true meaning of the ancient demon. The ultimate refining clan, it is said that the two have a lot of origin in the most distant age, but they come from the very holy Pangu lineage.The old man slowly said this, his eyes cast on the ancient wild beast sacred blood pool in the distance, \”There are many ancient wild beast essence blood in that pool, which has not been refined for three million years, so I will give you two a chance to refine. , How much you can absorb depends on your ability.\”Refine… Shanghai\’s eyes lit up. He originally planned to do this before the old man appeared, but after the old man appeared, he gave up his plan. After all, this is the soul of thousands of battles of the local race. Collected, belonging to the local people.If it is unguarded, it will be fine. If the old man is there, he will naturally not!The old man\’s giving such an opportunity is naturally a good thing for Shanghai. He is worried about his weak body and cannot withstand the power of 12,000 demon ancestors.Chapter 0922 Ancient Demon Saint BodyAt the Desolate Beast Sacred Blood Pool, Shanghai stood on the edge of the altar. Next to him was Ming Yuyan, who had been unblocked. At this moment, she looked a little confused, because at the moment of banning, her five senses were still there, but Just fell into a special secret.In that secret territory, Ming Yuyan stayed for nearly a quarter of an hour.During this period of time, she didn’t know what happened outside, but she was smart enough to guess that the ancient old man must be talking to Shanghai, and these things were something she couldn’t know. She didn\’t understand why the ancient elders would choose to talk to Shanghai instead of her.Is there anything special about Shanghai?Ming Yuyan couldn\’t understand, after all, why the two of them entered the Devouring Secret Realm together, why Shanghai would have such a special favor, but she didn\’t.There is definitely something weird, Ming Yuyan can be sure.However, compared to the doubts in her mind, Ming Yuyan\’s mind at the moment was focused on the rehearsal. She did not expect that the ancient old man would let them enter the holy blood pool for rehearsal. You know, this pool is all ancient waste. The blood of the beast.Any drop contains the purest power of ancient wild beasts, and those who have undergone refinement will greatly increase their physique.What does physical growth mean?For ordinary people, it may just increase some strength, but Ming Yuyan knows very well that if the physique increases, the divine power that can be contained in the body will increase a lot. In addition, when the physique becomes stronger, the continuous combat power will also increase. Conducive to a protracted battle.

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