A strong man at the six-star pinnacle made his move. With a wave of his hand, the starlight swept across the sky and turned into a circle of meteorite belts. This is the most terrifying meteorite belt in Hengyu. The power is also extremely terrifying, of course. It\’s not a real meteorite belt, but a six-star pinnacle powerhouse transformed by astrology.

Hey… Void laughed out a weird smile, and then the breath disappeared extremely quickly.What a fast speed! No less than when I first learned to\’flash\’. Shanghai said in shock, and the secret method used by the other party is also quite powerful. If it weren\’t for the activation of his own heavenly consciousness, it would be really difficult to detect in a moment. Someone spied on himself in the void.Chase?Shanghai can naturally catch up, but it takes a lot of time to kill the opponent, and this person has already ran away, there is no need to chase him, but it made him wake up secretly, there are too many strong people in the middle of the wilderness. Just stepping out of the teleportation formation to meet such a character, maybe in the future will meet even stronger.Raise vigilance, and Shanghai begins to move forward.Three months passed in a hurry.During this period of time, Shanghai almost traversed a small half of the Xuanhuang realm, and during this period also encountered some troubles and dangers, especially a month ago, he was injured, and the shot was a king against the sky, but The person who shot was also killed by him.After the opening of Tianjue, Shanghai found that his comprehension skyrocketed, and his understanding of basic magic skills was getting deeper and deeper. With several battles, his \”explosive skills\” had exceeded the Dacheng level, reaching a burst point of 100,000, but the distance was reduced. It\’s still far away.The \”shaking technique\” has also improved, reaching the peak of Xiaocheng, one step away from Dacheng, and his own realm is only one step away from the venerable level. Although it is only one step away, Shanghai estimates that it will take another year. The above time can make a complete breakthrough.Silver Sky City!Located at the edge of Yinzhou, it is the closest big city to Yinzhou. This city does not have any power in charge, but the city appears to be quite orderly. No one dares to cause trouble here, because Yinzhou is an ancient protoss. , And Silver Sky City clings to the ancient Protoss.After more than three months, Shanghai came here. Before he went to investigate, there is a protective array in Yinzhou that is integrated into the world. Compared with the protective array in the extreme realm, it is simply insignificant. , Cannot be compared at all.Unable to enter Yinzhou, Shanghai can only choose to stay in Yintian City temporarily, and then enter Yinzhou after Yinzhou\’s protection is opened.Yintian Inn!It is the largest inn in Yintian City. It not only has a place to live, but also a secret room for cultivators to practice. These secret rooms are special and can withstand the impact of the power of cultivators below the holy master level, even if it is a semi-holy master. Can\’t rightThe secret room caused the slightest damage.This senior wants to stay in the store? A young man stepped out of the inner hall two or three steps, appeared in front of Shanghai, bowed and asked with a smile.This little servant was actually an expert at the beginning of the heavenly realm, which surprised Shanghai quite a bit.Um!Senior please.

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