He didn\’t worry, he had heavenly consciousness, and with his own comprehension and strength, it would not be difficult for him to break through to the level of the Holy Master for at most a hundred years.

The realm of Shinto is comparable to a king…Who is this person?I don’t know if it was the doubts of the venerables and kings present, even Bing Xuan himself was full of suspicion and sorrow. He is one level lower, but he has the strength no less than his.Such a character is quite rare even in the Seven Saints Alliance.Who is Your Excellency?Bing Xuan asked for the first time.At this moment, he has put away his superior tone. After all, the person in front of him can be evenly matched with him in the realm of Shinto, and looking at the other side\’s appearance, it seems that there is a stronger method. If this is the case, then this person is even placed In the middle famine, there are also quite enchanting existences.Such a character is extremely high in both status and status in the middle famine, because this kind of person has a great opportunity to aspire to the holy lord, even the highest holy lord, once stepping into the supreme holy lord, release He is also a king-like figure in Zhonghuang.This is a future king.And such a person is almost impossible to come from the Eastern Famine, and it is very likely that they were cultivated by a certain superpower from the Middle Famine.Shanghai! Shanghai said.If the other party wants to check, it is not difficult to find out his identity in the Eastern Wilderness, so there is no need to conceal his name. After all, there are still a few venerables and princes who know him, with Bingxuan’s identity and ability, whatever Just ask a few words and ask them out.Shanghai?Bing Xuan frowned. He hadn\’t heard of this name, but he didn\’t think too much. Many of the most powerful people in the top powers were cultivated secretly, and they would not be allowed to walk unless they reached a certain level. Yes, and it\’s normal for these people to be unfamiliar.However, with the patience of these people, it is not difficult to make a name for themselves in Zhonghuang within a short period of time.It turned out to be Fellow Daoist Lin, lucky to meet.Bing Xuan arched his hands and immediately glanced at King Chiyan, and then said: \”I don\’t know why Lin Daoist blocked someone from handling affairs?\”This big brother Chi Yan is a close friend of the next big brother. Shanghai said directly.It turned out to be Fellow Lin\’s best friend… Bing Xuan nodded in a clear and sensual way. He doesn\’t care who Chi Yan is. He has only reached the level of the king after thousands of years of cultivation. It can be said to be the best in the four regions of the Great Wilderness, but in the middle of the wilderness, It\’s not so good.The key is Shanghai, Bing Xuan can\’t tell the age of this person.As a descendant of the Seven Sacred Alliances in the Central Wilderness, Bing Xuan has a secret method inherited from ancient times. As long as the strength is not much different, he can see the bone age of the opponent at a glance, and the bone age of the person in front of him is a bit vague. Condensed.

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