It seems that they are still above Rank 7… The two 6-star pinnacle powerhouses spoke one after another, with a little trembling in their voices, which was obviously heart-stirring. Although they could not hold the artifact, the artifacts above the seventh stage could be used. Re-refining and being used by them.

now!The Vast Sky Saint Sect is full of talents, whether it is a king or a realm of heaven, as well as figures of all realms.Sect Master! The head of the Northern Holy Land brought six kings to see. A strong man quickly rushed into the hall.Sect Master! The Holy Land Saint Envoy of the West Wild Tianchi, please see me.The person in charge of the Tianyi Holy Land and the five kings visited it.Lintian Holy Land…Northern Desert Desert Holy Land…Powerful men rushed into it one after another, and everyone’s faces were full of excitement and fear. They were excited that the status of the Vast Sky Sacred Sect had reached a very high level, and even the three holy places had to be seen outside the door. Waiting, what a glory this is.Let them in.Shanghai waved his hand and motioned to the people: \”Everyone, make arrangements, the leaders of the three holy places will come and hold the banquet.\” Although he doesn\’t like this kind of ostentation, the Vast Sky Sacred Sect has begun to rise, and it will inevitably happen in the future. , Anyway, it\’s just to deal with it, it\’s not a big deal.Yes!The others responded one after another, quickly dispersed to prepare, everyone\’s expression was full of excitement, because they had witnessed the rise of the Haotian Saint Sect.Sect Master! The Patriarch of the Golden Aristocratic Family and six elders came to see him. A strong man stepped forward quickly.A family of goldware? Shanghai frowned.Sect Master, the person in charge of the Great Sacred Grounds is coming, it should be received by the Sect Master, and this golden family, let the subordinates go down to receive it. Venerable Huo Lie straightened his clothes and said with his hands.When he said this, he obviously placed the golden family under the great sacred grounds, but there is nothing wrong with it. Even if the golden family was present, he did not dare to say anything. The holy land is deep.All right! You will receive it. Shanghai smiled, naturally aware of Venerable Huo Lie\’s plan, so he didn\’t stop it.Let them go to the side hall, this deputy sect master will pass immediately. Venerable Huo Lie waved his hand, and immediately remembered something, \”I almost forgot, this deputy sect master hasn\’t freshened up yet, first freshen up, and then go to meet them, you guys. Receive a moment first.\”Chapter 0758 Dare to Run Wild in the Holy SectIn the vice hall!

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