He said he wanted to kill us all by one person?

actually!This is only for the Great Desolate World. If it is placed in the Gods Realm, it is nothing. Below the highest Holy Lord realm, in the eyes of the strong Gods Realm, it is the same as the Gods realm big figures in the Great Wild World treat the strong below the Gods realm. It\’s all the same.Shanghai already has the blood of ancient demons that is rare in the world, plus the blood of the descendants of the gods obtained from the servant hall of the Nine Profound Immortal Terraces. If the speed of improvement is slow, it will not be justified.after all!The essence and blood of the descendants of the second generation of gods is much purer than the essence and blood given by Xuanyuanyi. The latter is already the sixth generation. Even if it is the essence of the god king, it is only the worst in quality than the first generation. The blood of the descendants of the gods is stronger.The descendants of gods don’t have much blood, and a descendant only has one or two drops of blood. The preciousness of these blood is far from being comparable to that of heaven, earth and gods.Shanghai did not absorb the blood of the descendants of the first generation of gods, because the power contained was too strong. Even now, he would be quite reluctant to absorb the blood of the descendants of the second generation of gods. If his physique reached a very high level, he would not dare to absorb the blood of the descendants of the second generation of gods.Only after reaching the level of the venerable can the blood of the descendants of the first generation of gods be used. As for the worst blood of the gods, I am afraid that it will be above the level of the king…Shanghai sighed. Originally, he expected to be able to use these gods to improve quickly. Now it is impossible. It can only come slowly step by step. It will take a year or two at most to get close to the strength of the venerable level. It broke through to the level of the venerable.As for the mysterious bloodline obtained from Wangang Temple, Shanghai will not use it for the time being. It is much stronger than the blood of the gods. Perhaps it can\’t be used at the realm of the emperor. However, I obtained the Reincarnation Immortal Aperture a long time ago. Things are of great benefit to the realization of the Way of Reincarnation.certainly!Shanghai is also unavailable now. You must reach the level of the king before you can comprehend the avenue of reincarnation.Although there are many treasures on his body, many of them are not currently available in Shanghai, so he didn\’t think much about it. Anyway, he stored them first, and used them later.Three months have passed, and the Vast Sky Sacred Sect has also entered a period of steady ascent. It can develop safely in the Eastern Desolation. I don\’t need to worry about it. As for Ling Yuyao and Brother Leng, it will take two or three years. After they have completely recovered, they will not be in great danger in the Vast Sky Saint Sect. Shanghai thought in his heart: \”It\’s time to go to the middle famine…\”Thinking of this, Shanghai\’s eyes flashed with excitement.Not only to find his own life experience, he also wants to see how the gap between Zhonghuang and the four realms is. After all, his current strength is among the four realms. It is already difficult to find an opponent. Monsters, these people will not surrender their status to fight Shanghai.If you want to break through the basic magic skills again, you can only go to Zhonghuang, which is not only the place of origin of the great road of the great wilderness, but also the existence of trials such as the battlefield of gods and demons. There is the stage for the real powerhouse. Only when you enter there will you have the opportunity to come into contact with a broader God\’s realm.call out……Shanghai disappeared in place….

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