Ming Yuyan was irritated again, she was kind enough to help, so she didn\’t need to be accepted, she was also disgusted by this guy, she was a powerhouse at the level of the gods.

Shanghai lowered his right hand, and the evil spear trembled violently, from one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand times… to ninety-nine million times, and it also contained the power of \”explosion\”, two basic magic skills. , This is his first time to show it.Hold me firmly. Shanghai said solemnly.Um!Yan Wushuang nodded, holding hands tightly.call out……Shanghai flew away like a stream of light. Under the urging of \”flash\”, the speed reached its extreme, and it was almost reaching the speed of light. The evil spear held in his right hand made a long crack in the void, approaching At the moment of the first elder, the evil spear shook out.boom!The semi-dao weapon was exploded, and a hole appeared in the elder\’s forehead, which fell on the spot.The high-level figures of the major forces located in Wanli, the spiritual sense only perceives the bloody streamers flashing by, and every time it flashes, one or two half of the Taoist artifact is broken, whether it is the elder or the king, regardless of the defense. No one was spared no matter how strong they were, being pierced by evil spears one after another.If it was a battle between the two sides at the beginning, then it is now a one-to-one massacre, and it is not a group of people slaughtering another group of people, but a group of people slaughtered by one person, this group of people are still the elders and kings of the Wangang Temple.At first, one elder died from three breaths, and now three people died from one breath, including the king.If it’s a half-dao weapon and defense being pierced through, what’s even more heartbreaking is that even the terrifying majesty wielded by the king was crushed by the bloody spear, as if there was nothing, it couldn’t be crushed. The same.Ten breaths passed!Of the fifteen elders and twelve kings, a total of twenty-seven died.The faces of Xing Wuhen and others were extremely ugly, and at this moment, their eyes also showed incredible fear. Looking at the flashing bloody light, they finally realized that Shanghai definitely has the ability to sweep them, and they are not weak in strength. , But the speed is far behind.The most important thing is that the magic techniques used in Shanghai are extremely terrifying. Driven by the evil spear, no matter whether it is a person, a magic weapon or a great technique, it can\’t resist it, and it is almost comparable to the ability of a skill to break all kinds of magic.Shanghai! Are you still obsessed with understanding? Xing Wuhen shouted. At this moment, his expression was fierce, and his anger had been accumulated to the extreme. Nearly half of the top masters in the Wangang Temple were dead in Shanghai\’s hands. This pair of Wangang Temple In other words, it is a loss that has been difficult to make up for tens of thousands of years.Ignoring Xing Wuhen, Shanghai held Yan Wushuang in one hand and the Evil Divine Spear in the other, killing an elder or king every time.Compared with Xing Wuhen’s wrath, the senior figures of the major forces have been soaked in cold sweat, and although those strong can not see it, they can also learn about what is happening now from the predecessors. The more you listen, these strong The more excited the readers, especially the younger ones, almost flushed with excitement.Holding a beauty in one hand and a killer in the other, killing the king with the flick of his fingers, what kind of spirit is this? What a majesty? This kind of domineering is enviable and shocking.

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