You know, Ming Yuyan\’s bone age is less than one hundred, she is already a god, and her aptitude is at the level of quasi-god according to the rumors of the ancient gods, but Saint Feiyu knows that apart from this terrifying aptitude , Ming Yuyan still has a secret that other people don\’t know, that is the source of ancient gods in ancient times, and it is the terrifying power that can only be possessed in ancient times.

Shanghai is relying on its own ability, step by step, and even has the capital to compete with it. Although air luck accounts for most of it, air luck and opportunity are indispensable for a cultivator, and there is no atmosphere. If you are lucky, even if your talent is against the sky, it will be difficult to get to the end.Such a character is too rare.After searching around, Yixiu still did not find Shanghai and the others, and then dispersed.After confirming the dissipated distance, Qianxie Mingyue put away the strange treasure, and the three of them slowly walked out of the shadows.The crystal pillar a hundred miles ahead is the place where the predecessor\’s body was sealed. It is relatively empty and there is no alien cultivation. Qianxie Mingyue said.Yeah! Let\’s go.Shanghai nodded slightly.Now that they reached a consensus, the two did not talk any more nonsense, Qianxie Mingyue walked in the front and led the way, while Shanghai followed with the purple fox.Along the way, strange cultivation appeared from time to time, but they were all avoided by Qianxie Mingyue with that strange treasure.As he moved forward, three sealed pillars appeared in front of him.Through the slightly transparent sealing stone pillars, Shanghai saw these three seals of two men and one woman respectively. The three were dressed in ancient fashion. They were cultivators in the ages of eternity. Although they looked the same as before, they were already inside. There is no more life.Although the three of them are dead, they still exude a faint atmosphere of the Great Dao. With these breaths of the Great Dao, Shanghai can judge that these three were at least half-Holy Master level characters before their lives, and they were only one step away from the Holy Master level. It\’s only far away.This is a cultivator from the age of eternity… After tens of thousands of years of death, his body still contains the mellow power of the avenue. I am afraid that he was also a powerful figure in a region before his death, right? Shanghai Xinzheng said.Should a powerful person in a region? They are not qualified enough.Qianxie Mingyue showed a little disdain on his face, and immediately said: \”The age of eternity is different from today\’s era. The vitality of the heaven and the earth is extremely strong. These three semi-saint masters are placed today, and at most they are the figures equivalent to the top of the venerable. That’s all, it may even be much lower. It’s a good thing to be an elder in our midst.\”In the middle famine, you can only be an elder…Shanghai was stunned. In the four realms of the Great Wilderness, the semi-saint lord was a top figure. Even if it was placed in the Wangang Temple, it was a guardian-like existence. In Zhonghuang, it turned out to be just an elder. The aura exuding from the Holy Master is much stronger than any semi-saint master he has seen, and it is almost no less than the Jinjing Holy Master after the mutation.Originally, he thought that although there was a gap between the four realms of the Great Wilderness and the Middle Wilderness, it shouldn\’t be too big, but he didn\’t expect the gap to be so big.No wonder Qianxie Mingyue is so arrogant. He was born in a sacred land in the middle of nowhere, and he has the ability to guard against the sky, and indeed has the capital of pride.As it continued to deepen, the number of crystal pillars began to increase, and the number of powerful seals gradually increased. Not only the semi-holy masters, but even the holy masters, almost all of the eternal age, and the pace of the three people in Shanghai has also increased. Slow down, because there are many seals in this area, and if you step in accidentally, you will be sealed inside.

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