Saint Feiyu\’s expression became even more hazy. He saw the servant stunned and shut his mouth wisely. He was very aware of Saint Feiyu\’s temper, regardless of his handsome appearance and awe-inspiring face, but it was extremely The fierce and cruel generations, whoever provokes them, are all raged to death by them.

Even the demon spirit liquid can\’t hurt him. Is this the real horror of the Primordial Demon Body?The immortal body of the heavenly demon, this is Xiaocheng\’s Primordial Heavenly Demon body that has the ability, offensive and defensive, even the Dao weapon can be smashed, and the defense is even more amazing, unless the Holy Master takes action, it will be difficult to hurt him… Qian Xie Mingyue and the two stood up forcibly resisting their injuries, looking forward to Ren Tian\’s demon body with a trace of horror in their eyes.The strength of the former demon body has far exceeded their expectations. Once the immortal body of the demon is born, the body has far surpassed the Dao Qi. Unless you carry the Dao Qi, it will be difficult to damage the former demon body, and the physique reaches this level. There are almost no weaknesses.How do you fight this?Qianxie and Mingyue almost used their full strength, and they could only leave a little wound on the chest of the former Demon\’s body. If you want to kill this person, the chance is zero. Do you really want to watch the former Demon\’s body gather in the first battle of the Primordial Ancients? body?You help me block him for a while, give me half an hour, I have a way to kill him. Shanghai said in a deep voice.Do you have a way?Half a quarter of an hour? Give it a try. Hearing that Shanghai still has a way, Qianxie Mingyue and the two people suddenly ignited hope. At this moment, they have no other choice but to try, otherwise they will be waiting for them. After being chased by the former demon body, they didn\’t think that they could escape the chase and kill with their severely wounded body.Even if they really escaped, their original archaic body will be completely lost, and there will be no chance to obtain the Primordial First Battle Body again.Immediately!Qianxie Mingyue and the two shot again, but they did not attack, but took out a second Taoist weapon. This is their last card. Qianxie Mingyue\’s hand is a black cover, and the demon kills it. The round wheel, these two are the Dao tools they obtained from the battlefield of the gods, they were refined over the ages, and were much tougher than today\’s Dao tools.chant!The black cover was thrown out, and suddenly turned into a huge cover, blocking the front, while Qianxie Mingyue controlled the three swords to stand horizontally in front of him, and the demon killer also threw the round wheel. This thing is an attacking and killing Dao weapon, but the body of the former Tian Demon is too terrifying, even the demon spirit liquid is hard to damage, so he uses it as a defense.At this time!Shanghai took out the black awl, which was a soul tool obtained from the fire-robed king of the gold ware family. After it appeared, a strong soul wave was immediately stirred up.This is……The weapon of the soul? Qianxie Mingyue and two of them were very knowledgeable, and they recognized this thing at a glance, and their eyes suddenly revealed joy.The soul weapon is extremely rare, and different from the general Taoist weapon, it specializes in attacking the souls of others. The former demon body possessed an amazing body, but his soul wasn\’t necessarily as strong as his body. Even if he couldn\’t kill his soul, it was enough to damage his soul.The soul is the most mysterious thing in the human body, and it is extremely fragile. Once it is damaged, it will have a great impact on itself, and may even affect its own consciousness and memory. It is normal for the soul to be injured and become an idiot. There are some traumas. It can even make the peerless powerful fall asleep completely and never wake up and become the living dead.Seeing the black awl, the former demon body could no longer calmly get up. His pupils flashed with deep fear and jealousy. After living for so many years, he naturally understood the terrible aspects of the soul weapon, and hit the soul directly, unable to avoid it at all. Unless the soul is extremely powerful.

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