The powerhouses of the vast star realm are chasing after them, and their speed is not a bit slower than them, they are hanging far behind, and the two six-star peak powerhouses do not know what they are planning, they did not directly surpass it, nor did they Leave, but keep following.

The purple fox on the side felt the crisis in Shanghai. She gritted her teeth and stood in front of her. This is not only the guardian\’s duty, but also her own thoughts.In the face of the pressure of the Heaven-defying One, although the Purple Fox possesses the abilities of the Heaven-defying Venerable and has an ancestral body protector, the gap between the two is more than one realm. Just standing for a while, the pretty face is as pale as paper, charming She couldn\’t help trembling and couldn\’t resist it, but she clenched her teeth and persisted.The Heaven Defender did not move, and was enveloped in a thick entanglement, making it difficult to see how she thought. Although just watching, the pressure on the two of Shanghai was so great, as if the end of the world had come. Yes, that feeling is extremely worrying.At this time!The sky-defyers slowly green hands.Crystal clear as jade, like a work of art created by the sky, although only stretched out, it is pressed down like a sky cover.Do you want to do it…Shanghai trembled in his heart, but he still condensed the power of the gods together to the extreme. This may be the last blow of his life.The kings have fainted a long time ago, and they are even more unbearable compared to Shanghai, and the latter is only the pinnacle of the Heavenly Dao. If it reaches the same level, perhaps Shanghai can withstand two blows or three blows, although it is not considered to be able to fight against the sky. They competed, but it was already amazing.suddenly!The outstretched jade hand stopped, and saw a peculiar force surge in, Shanghai felt his whole body stiff, and the power of the gods was completely imprisoned.this……Helplessness surged in Shanghai\’s heart. He originally thought he could deliver a blow, but now it seemed to be futile. The Heaven Defender\’s strength was so terrifying that he didn\’t even have a chance to shoot.You\’re not bad, you dare to contend with the emperor at the peak of Heaven. A voice came from an incomparably graceful voice, without any emotional fluctuations, as if it had already broken everything in the world. Every word and every sentence made Shanghai\’s The soul of the gods trembled slightly.The Guardian actually spoke…This surprised Shanghai very much.What kind of person is the Defiant? He is a peerless person standing on the top. One thought is enough to wipe out the entire Southern Wilderness. Such a person took the initiative to speak. Originally, Shanghai thought that he would be completely wiped out in the next moment.suddenly!A strange force came, and Shanghai moved slightly in his arms, only to see the \”fairy\” hand rising out of the sky and taking it into the hands of the heaven-defying man on the spot.In the end it was taken away…

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